Community Care charges

Mom needs two people 4 times a day for her care needs. She gets in total 1 hour and 15 minutes each day. She is a self funder so she has to pay for her care. This month the weekly charges have gone up from £263.90 to £285.60. This will change her monthly bill from £1055.60 to £1143 per month. Her pension is only going up by 2.2 percent so this means it’s costing an extra £74 a month fro her care. This seems unfair to me. Is there anything that can be done?
So 8 hours and 45 minutes care per week costing her £1143

I am her primary carer so get carers allowance of almost £68 a week. Having had to give up teaching full time for the last two years, my salary los is around £1500 per month. Receiving carers allowance only allows me to earn £128 per week. I am very reluctant to leave mom for a whole day so have recently taken a part time job working two hours a day which is realistically the most time I feel able to leave mom alone. If I do a day as a teaching assistant, it’s not easy for mom and I feel guilty leaving her for 8 hours. I have done this occasionally (once a month or once a week) and earn £56 for the role but going forward I cannot see me doing this for much longer.This is obviously a situation that is financially detrimental to both of us. It can be very stressful as a carer. I organise medicines, meals, shopping , finances and all. my moms needs as she is virtually bedbound having to be hoisted out of bed to a recliner once a day. She has been in the same room now (except for 3 trips in her wheelchair to the garden) for nearly 2 years now. Very hard, considering her situation, she is amazing.

Has mum had an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment? This would enable her to have FREE care, but it’s a postcode lottery I’m afraid. To start with, look at the CHC Framework and checklist assessment.

If your Mum doesn’t qualify for CHC funding you could consider using direct payments to pay for care not through an agency. This would be cheaper. However, that would be more stress for you and you would need to recruit the care workers yourself.

If you don’t like leaving your Mum, you could always use her attendance allowance to pay for a cleaner or gardener to come whilst you are working, they would be able to check on you Mum and be a bit of company for her. Less worrying for you whilst at work.