From Residential back home!

I have a 25 year old daughter who is severely autistic. I am not happy with her care home.
I am considering using the direct payments to employ a small group of careers so she can live with me.
Where do I start. I still work part time, so I could only care overnight. She has one to one support all day with an additional two hours with 2 to 1. I think I would need respite weekends regularly as she has lived away from me for some years now. Would the direct payments cover all of the costs as we have no real savings between us. My husband died 4 years ago so I am on my own with no family close to me.
What are all the implications to this, can someone help please.

Susan, don’t have her back in your home, find somewhere for her to live near you, so you have a life of her own and she is used to not having you to rely on.
My son with SLD lives in a privately rented flat, the rent is all paid for by Housing Benefit except for about £2.50 a week, and because he’s a vulnerable adult, the council pay the letting agent directly. No Council Tax payable as he has a “Severe Mental Impairment”.
He still comes home regularly, but I know that whatever happens to me, his future care is sorted, more or less. With her income support etc. your daughter should have plenty of money to live on, but make sure you are the DWP appointee, and DON’T give every penny to the care agency to support her, or they will fritter it away. I’m happy to tell you the best system I’ve used, after 13 years of problems with his money, it’s now sorted.