Family Member as carer


This is my first post so please bear with me!
It has been suggested I apply as my son’s ‘official’ carer as the 15 hours a week he is awarded in the supported accommodation he currently lives is not working and I am doing all the work!
He is about to move to ‘independent’ living and so it seems more appropriate for me to take over care.
I just wanted an idea of what this means financially for me as his ‘carer’? Is it enough for me to not to return to work etc?
Any information would be appreciated as soon as possible :slight_smile:

This is a minefield. My son is in supported living. I’m not surprised his isn’t working, he needs far more hours!
It defeats the object if you care for him, he needs to learn to be independent.
His Needs Assessment should be rewritten with lots more hours, that can be reduced as he gets more accustomed to the situation.

Typical to suggest you do it. There needs to be a meeting with all parties. As has be suggested put extra hours in take away later.

Carers Allowance is a meagre £66.15 per week, unless you earn more than £123.00 elsewhere, and then it’s £0.00.

I have no knowledge of how Supported Living works or what it might provide in the way of finance, if anything, but I’m sure someone here will be able to fill in that info


15 hours does not seem nearly enough.

Have you worked out how many hours you do each day. I would log everything you do from first thing in the morning until last thing at night. Do this for about four to five days at least. Then you can work out the average for the whole week. Make sure you include any time spent driving him back and forth to activities. Then put in the request for more funding. Make sure you include all the prompts to do things as well.

I have done this and got a lot more hours agreed.

I’m in the same boat as you where I am trying to get SS to pay me at least initially, whilst my son gets used to the support workers and they get used to him. Without a gradual transition with my son it would break down very quickly as he has difficulty communicating with people he is not familiar with.

Tell us more about your son and his needs?

Hello and welcome!

Please tell us a bit more about your mom’s disability?

Make sure you count up every minute you spend and be sure to factor in bad as well as typical days in your calculations.

Hi Anne,

If you are paid at National living wage (minus deductions) you would earn approximately £111 a week for 15 hours a week care, in addition to your Carers Allowance.

If you stuck to the 15 hours per week - would that be enough to meet his needs?

Personally, I think it’s better to be overseeing his care and being his Mum. Otherwise, you will in affect be ‘trapped’ as who would take over his care if you were unwell, wanted to go on holiday etc.

Is it the same agency who staff the supported living who would be providing support to him in "independent’ living?