Carers support payments

had a review today about my partner. He was placed in a residential home in order for me to have respite snd also because there wasn’t adequate support in the community to keep him at home.
The social worker has told me today that’s although the care costs are the same to the council they have changed his status from respite to residential and we will have another review in 3 months time to look at the possibility of him coming home.

The council pay me a direct payment that pays for a personal assistant to support me as my mental health has suffered due to my caring responsibilities over the last decade. The social worker wasn’t sure if this payment would continue although she still classes me as a carer. Has anybody else experienced this where they get direct payments as a full-time carer but the person they care for is in residential careym

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This is a mini minefield. Talk to the social worker about your options. Believe me there are many.

Thanks for replying.

I have spoken to his social worker but she’s not offered any options other than he stays there until there’s support to get him home. As it stands there isn’t any support for us. I get the impression that this is her long term solution.

I asked how this affects me as a carer and that was her reply I would always be classed as a carer. Am I still a carer if the person I care for is in a residential home whether that be short mid or long term. I want him to come home but this won’t happen until there is support in place.

Hi Cheechee. You’re still a carer, albeit with less to do - sort of - especially with the plan being for your partner to come home.

So they should keep your support package intact: your mental health won’t suddenly improve and you’re bound to have extra stress at the moment while everything is in flux. And it seems to me you don’t entirely trust the social worker in terms of the change from respite to residential placement. So that’s another stress point.

But you need a response on this because of course if they stop it without letting you know, you could end up with a bill and no way to pay it. I suggest you ask to speak to your social worker’s manager about it.

As you know your caree is in residential for the next few weeks, please, please, don’t waste this time. Go away for a few days - Premier Inns have lower prices mid week in many places, and make a determined effort to chill out, go for a swim, nice walks. Then you will feel refreshed and in a better position to support your caree in future. My son with learning difficulties has just one holiday of 4 nights between birth and 16 years old. I was so desperate to sort out the house, the paperwork etc. etc. that I think I was more shattered when he came home than when he went away. Big mistake, looking back. Your well being is as important as that of your caree.


Definitely take care of your well-being. Take some time out in order to look after yourself. If that means going out on a trip with friends to the movies or a entire day out so be it.