Hello everyone. I’ve just joined the Forum and am looking forward to ‘meeting’ you and finding my way around. In my caring role I support our 26 year old son who has severe and complex learning and physical difficulties.He has been living in a fantastic care home for 8 years. We are able to visit and take him out most weekends and we are involved to make sure he continues to be well supported. I have been volunteering with CarersUK for several years but this is my first time posting to the Forum.

Hello Lize and welcome to the forum :smiley:

We’re a friendly crowd and we don’t bite ! so feel free to ask any questions you like - it’s probable that one of our members will have come up against a similar problem and be able to offer advice from their own experience :slight_smile:

Hi Lize, welcome to the forum.

My son was brain damaged at birth, at the age of 40 he can’t read, write or do any maths, but is very fit and well. He now lives in supported living, coming home every two or three weekends.

Does your son ever go back to your home?

Thank you for your ‘welcome’. Jeremy does come home for a weekend visit every few months. It’s a chance to see local family and friends.

Lize, did you know that for the days he is out of the residential home, you can claim DLA/PIP for him, and possibly Carers Allowance too?
I was my son’s DWP Appointee.
When my son was in residential care, a few years ago, DWP told me I couldn’t claim CA, but the Carers UK helpline told me that wasn’t correct, and helped me to make a successful claim.
A Carers Allowance week starts on Sunday, not Monday. Any work you do in preparation for his visit home, travelling to get him, and bring him home, taking him back, and tidying up his room, laundry etc afterwards all counts towards the 35 hours a week.
While in residential care funded by the LA, DLA/PIP isn’t payable, but he still has “underlying entitlement”. It’s really easy to claim, ask them for “Boarder Payment” forms. Just one page, saying when he came home and when he went back.

Presumably he receives payments for mobility too, if he needs someone with him when he goes out? You should use this to pay for the costs of transport etc., do NOT give it all to the home!

(My son left residential care 9 years ago so I can’t be sure the above still applies).

Hi. Thanks for the info. I hadn’t realised we could claim during his home visits.

It’s one of the best kept DWP secrets, so spread the word to the home and the other parents too!