Former Carer needs care after serious RTA

Hi, I was previously an unpaid carer for my next of kin + was forced by JCP to take a CSCS course, + worked on various building sites, which made my COPD worse + not dealing with previous/ongoing mental health issues, I was classed as ‘clinically severely vulnerable’ when Covid 19 started + was homeless/NFA during this time + hid it from family/friends. I was in a serious RTA on 3/8/21 + was in hospital for 3wks on major trauma Unit, after injury to my right arm + they cut, muscle, tissue + skin from my arm + took 2 large strips of skin from my right thigh(to cover arm damage), I had broken ribs front right, left + back right + small chip on lower spine! I was discharged from hospital to a homeless hostel + my original COPD/Depression, anxiety, panic attacks deteriorated + got severely worse! I had a p’call WCA on UC on 28/6/21 + was put into ‘work group’, I was trying to get help to appeal or MR against the decision but due to C.A.B. + local disability charity being closed, I was not able to get advice within 1 month time limit! I had RTA on 3/8/21, was discharged on 21/8/21 to hostel + rung UC on 23/8/21 to let them know what happened + report change of circs! This is when my nightmare began, I was getting different advice from JCP/UC work coach, they told me that I would need to start again from ‘new injuries’ but my daughter challenged them + noted, I could maybe get a MR on WCA up to 13 months after WCA decision, if I had a good reason? I did request it + now, they stopped my rent being paid by HB + now I’m stressed out, suicidal + having hassle from housing options, trying to force me into accepting a flat that is not suitable for my needs + in an area a distance from my family + no shops nearby + said theyll find me ‘intentionally homeless’ if I refuse this flat? I’m under care of hospital Psychology service + awaiting a local charity advice/help to deal with everything but I’m feeling suicidal + struggling to cope with everything + don’t know what to do or who to trust due to wrong info from UC + my daughter is married with 2 kids, works full time + is a carer for her grandparents + I don’t want to lay all my stuff on her too? I’ve got PIP p’call assessment on thurs 25/11/21 at 9am, Psychology p’call at 10am same day + 2pm appt for blood to be taken all on same day + GP appt on fri 26/11/21 + I can’t cope with it all anymore + feel like ending it all + it’s really took a toll on my mental + physical health severely and don’t know how to get through this anymore? Please can anyone offer a useful link or what/how to get any sense from this brutal system, as I’m getting told different things, each time I speak to someone at UC? Many thanks for any advice would be so helpful? Yours sincerely, kind regards, Stephen N. :silly: :silly: :sunglasses:

Hi Stephen,

Goodness, you have so much to deal with.

If you feel suicidal then please contact the Samaritans If you're having a difficult time | Samaritans

Re UC, it’s a nightmare system. The Citizens Advice Bureau are the best people to help you with this or Turn2us Our helpline - Turn2us

Re housing the Citizens Advice bureau or Shelter can advise.

I suggest you let PIP assessors know you have a 10 o’clock appointment at the start of the p’call so they are aware. Sounds like Thursday is going to be a stressful day.