First Post

I’m Mike, and this is the first time I’ve posted on the forum, having been informed about it by Janet , who has been superb in our phone conversations, and has helped no end in getting me to somewhere in the “real world” !
I am 66 years of age, approaching my 67th birthday 4 days prior to Xmas, and have been retired 2 years in January 2022, (albeit a year early) with my company having been brilliant in allowing me to drop off a 4 on 4 off shift pattern to work a 2 day (my choice) week as a mechanical engineering craftsman to care for my 2nd wife of 20 years, following health issues, (relating to a kidney transplant, and type 1 diabetes, etc.) having been an employee, for 40 years!, with previousconstant employment since my apprenticeship with BSC in 1971-5…I miss work to date terribly, moreover the camerarderie!
We were both double jabbed, but I contracted covid, and passed it on to her…I was OK after a few days, but she was taken in to hospital some 10 days later with post covid pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism, and has been out of hospital some 5/6 weeks, and had a blood thinner, added to her medication along with oxygen which has created severe bleeding issues from various parts of her body, up until she ceased taking the medication earlier this week! I have been absolutely at the end of my tether since her discharge, and have struggled emotionally and personally since!
I have a couple of interests including football (following my home team in South Wales, whilst living in Cheltenham) and I collect vinyl records! Both of my hobbies have been affected greatly, and I feel very selfish in yearning them both, to the degree, that my stress levels have exceeded normality! I have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren in South Wales that I miss terribly, whilst I have a stepson and 2 other grandchildren, that are also missed!
I’m very depressed on occasion, and was hoping for some pointers, from the forum???
Thanks for reading…

I’m worried that you don’t mention any day to day help or support?

Was this offered on discharge?
Is your wife claiming Attendance Allowance or PIP?

Thanks for your reply, We are receiving no help nor support, neither were we offered any upon discharge!
She is however claiming PIP, which was originally a task in itself!

You should have been offered 6 weeks free Reablement Care!
Contact Social Services and ask for a Carers Assessment for you and a Needs Assessment for your wife.