Feel so sad

My husband had emergency bowel surgery at the beginning of Feb & now has acute kidney failure. I’m caring for him at home with no support & feel so miserable. He isn’t making any sign of recovering & is refusing any external help. I’m on my knees. Please can someone tell me this will get better.

The hospital should have arranged support for you before he was discharged.
No one can force you to care, if he wants you to care for him at home you MUST have help, or he goes back into hospital or a nursing home.
Are you aware of NHS Continuing Healthcare, for very sick people? The hospital should have involved you in a checklist assessment before discharge. Did this happen?

Two links that will be of immediate assistance here.

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Hospital didn’t give us any advice or follow up support. I’ll investigate the NHS Continuing Healthcare tomorrow. No one seems to think about the carer at all. Feel so helpless.

That’s disgraceful, the hospital clearly ignored all the discharge procedures.
Did they arrange for any aids, a hospital bed, etc. to make caring for him as easy as possible?

Ask Social Services to do a Carers Assessment for you urgently. Your husband can refuse to have a Needs Assessment but you are still entitled to a Carers Assessment.
Also, if you have a local hospice, see if they can help. In my area, hospice community support is now available for anyone with a serious illness, not just the terminally ill.