Extremely clinically vulnerable person refused the vaccine

Hi I care for my husband who falls in the clinically extremely vulnerable group. He received shielding letters last year but now appears to have been removed from list and there is no reason why. He rang his GP surgery as he had not heard about an appointment. He could not get to speak to anyone other than the receptionist who said he is priority group 6 as he is in his mid 50’s and that maybe he isn’t now on the clinically vulnerable on the list as his kidney has got better! Clearly they have no understanding of renal failure.

He meets the criteria for clinically extremely vulnerable as he as had a solid organ transplant (a kidney transplant), is on immune suppressants and is starting dialysis next week as his 1 (transplanted) kidney is now barely functioning. His renal consultant has written to the GP practice stating my husband needs the vaccination and they have ignored the letter. The receptionist said they can’t do anything they cannot add patients to the list and suggested we contact Matt Hanncock!! I’m really worried about him going into hospital next week for dialysis as the renal consultant said the hospital is is full of COVID and there is no sign of him getting the vaccine for months. He’s had to stop working (from home) as he’s so ill and it feels that no one seems to care that he needs to vaccination now. Any advice on how to escalate this issue please?


For the second time this afternoon, I would suggest the receptionist has an urgent need for further training and should be removed from a public facing position until that training has been successfully completed. What a Smart A***!
Ring the Practice Manager, explain the situation firstly regarding your husband, and then use the words I’ve used concerning the receptionist. Carers have enough on their plate without this sort of behaviour.

Hi Fiona

I would speak to the practice manager and make it a formal complaint. You could send an email to your local MP and/or mayor.

It appears there are people slipping through the net. It seems to work for people who fit well into the criteria list. There was bound to be some people who slip through. And a help line should have been set up for such people.

Hello Fiona

I was sorry to hear that it appears that your husband has been wrongly removed from the clinically vulnerable group at your GP practice. In addition to the suggestions from other members I have forwarded your post to our helpline to ask if they have any further advice.

The following link also provides some guidance on making a complaint to your local NHS - I’m not sure where you live and as you’ll see the guidance varies a little for each UK nation.

Wishing you and your husband well


Hello Fiona

I sent your post to our helpline to ask if they had any further advice for you and they have suggested the following:

  • Try contacting the online COVID-19 vaccine booking service which has been created for those who have previously received a letter saying that they are at high risk from COVID-19 (clinically extremely vulnerable).

  • Call 119.

  • If you would like to complain about a particular administrative staff member at your GP surgery, you should formally complain to your GP surgery. You can ask for information on their complaints procedure if you are unsure of the exact procedure. At every GP surgery, there has to be a procedure to deal with complaints, and someone who is responsible for dealing with complaints. You could also complain to NHS England if you feel uncomfortable about complaining directly.

  • If you would like to complain about your GP if you feel they have not provided a good standard of care, you should complain to the General Medical Council. If you want to complain about a nurse, you should complain to the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

I hope these suggestions are helpful and I wish you well with resolving this situation.