New to the forum. Thank you

Hi. I am new to the forum and have a few questions.
On tuesday it has been 3 weeks since I applied for carers allowance for my 8 year old daughter.
Does anyone know roughly how long applications are taking to process?
Also does it effect my child tax credits?
I also read somewhere about putting in my daughters dla number on the online form but it didnt ask me anywhere for this.
Sorry for all the questions I feel lost with it all.
Thank you. :open_mouth:

Sorry I meant to also ask I’m a bit worried as I’ve seen claims cam be backdated 3 months which mine should he as I’ve been claiming dla for a year but I didnt ask for it to be backdated on the form. Is this an issue :pensive: there was nowhere online to ask for it to he backdated. Thanks

You should hear fairly soon.
As your daughter is claiming DLA, are you aware of the Family Fund? They were a great help to us when my son was small. One year they paid for a holiday for our family. We took our caravan to the Isle of Wight, it was great being able to go food shopping and not have to worry at all about the cost of the special treats I bought! I know other people who had a new washing machine provided, essential when caring for someone incontinent, etc. etc. Usually, they will make one award to you per year. Don’t miss out. It’s government money.

Thank you so much for this!
Do you know if I should have stated somewhere about back dating? Thanks so much again

Can’t help with that I’m afraid, but someone else may know.

Thank you.
I think I will phone them tomorrow for an update to see how the form is progressing