Exhausted Depressed and still Greiving

My friend died a year ago, I am still thinking about him, very difficult to forget, I pass his old house every day, there
are memorys all around.
His favourite chip shop, just near the local shop where I get my paper.
The local park we used to go to, sit there for hours, chatting in the sunshine.

I am sleeping but waking up still tired, exhausted, yawning through the day.
I used to have so much energy just exhausted now.

I have been trying to get my caree mental health treatment and support.
Its just impossible to get the help contact this person, contact that person, contact someone else.
Nothing has happened and of course its the weekend, you are not supposed to have a crisis
in the weekend.
Monday morning again I will be making a load of phone calls but what about me the unpaid carer
Where do I get help? Social services , might as well try and contact the man in the moon.
Can I still get a carers assessment, do they do urgent carers assessments?


I hope in time your memories of your friend will become less painful and perhaps you can buy some fish’n’chips from the same shop and eat them in their honour and remember some of the happier times you shared.

Re assessments;

What are the new Care Act easements, created under the Coronavirus Act 2020?

The government has introduced some changes to the Care Act (2014) on a temporary basis and only to be applied when absolutely essential. They are designed to help local authorities if their workforce is significantly reduced or the demand on social care increases to the point where they are forced to alter or prioritise their services.

For carers, this still means that local authorities must respond to requests for care and support, but if your local authority has decided to “switch on” these easements, detailed assessments may not be carried out as before. If you’re asking for a Needs Assessment for the person you care for or a Carer’s Assessment for yourself, we would suggest asking if there are any delays or additional information you need to be aware of, and discussing any concerns you have.

All assessments and reviews must be followed up and completed in full once the easements end. People will not currently have to undergo a financial assessment but may be charged retrospectively for any care and support received during this period.

For more details, refer to the government’s guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19): changes to the Care Act 2014.

The link for this information is here COVID-19 guide | Carers UK