Coronavirus bill ~ A cop-out

I was reading the coronavirus bill, that was speedily passed through parliament before any carers organisations could complain about the relaxation of social care and obviously the Nhs and their previous responsibilities.

Responsibilities they did not take seriously previously, in many care need cases. Many of which have been exposed in the media.

The new bill which I believe is in force for 2 years states:-

allow NHS providers to delay undertaking the assessment process for NHS continuing healthcare for individuals being discharged from hospital until after the emergency period has ended.

I actually realised, that it had taken at least 16 months for the Nhs to do this very thing in 2006/07 when my son was ready for discharge and now they are given a license to delay without any consequences continuing health care packages. Of course, there were no consequences back then either so what is the difference now? This service has always been allowed to gain control of deprivation of liberty and of being allowed to delay funding, even prior to the coronavirus Bill.

It does make me angry, this is set in stone, at the moment, as I remember how damaging it was to my own son when he was waiting endlessly to leave hospital and the services were arguing over ‘who would pay’. The Nhs charged £7500.00 per week for his unnecessary hospital stay, in 2006/7. A long term stay which deprived my son of his liberties and further ruined his life from there onwards. It should never have happened.

And I have a right to bring this up when my son still suffers the consequences of the actions of staff that enforced this. It has left him with PTSD as well as already having learning disabilities, low functioning autism, temporal lobe seizures…as well as other underlying health problems.

The whole combination of which now produces what I can only describe as resembling schizophrenia combined with end of life dementia. Only not being so… Nevertheless, the resembling combination has been going on for decades at a much greater level because that is the consequence of combined Learning disabilities, autism and seizures of that nature.

Here we have some more of the speedily drawn up coronavirus Bill.

make changes to the Care Act 2014 in England and the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 to enable local authorities to prioritise the services they offer in order to ensure the most urgent and serious care needs are met, even if this means not meeting everyone’s assessed needs in full or delaying some assessments.

The problem is, even before this new Bill was recently drawn up social services were not meeting everyone’s assessed needs, and they certainly didn’t meet my son’s needs as a person on 117 aftercare in 2013. This is when a social worker who didn’t know my son trundled in and completed a care cutting mission that had to be overturned by an Ombudsman.

Only recently, and at my son’s meeting at the beginning of the month, a new allocation had been made especially for the task of assessment, but later reverted to her suggestion to plan B… a review. Having first taken issue at the actual meeting of ‘needing to reassess’ and also blame-mongering, in my direction. Also, she then cancelled an arranged meeting ‘to do it’ the week after. Before orders were given by her department to cancel face to face meetings, on her next arrangement.

At my son’s meeting, this allocation asked why my son needed a ratio of 2:1 care. A pretty ignorant question considering the history of my son’s case. But then what could I have ever expected from a service, who had not long before, issued a statement to the Ombudsman “that my son’s seizures are behavioral…and not part of his epilepsy”.

To be fair, how can I trust social services to do a proper assessment or review anyway, after that.

Unfortunately, the new allocation had to cancel her next arrangement. However, she offered no other way or means to start the process, she had indeed more than demanded…with menace, as it goes…demanding deadlines, etc., and since that time the coronavirus Bill has been passed giving even more cop-out than ever before.

And here are some more from the same.

temporarily relax local authorities’ duties in relation to their duties to conduct a needs assessment and prepare an adult carer support plan/young care statement under the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968, the Children (Scotland) Act 1995, the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 and the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 to enable them to prioritise people with the greatest needs

I don’t know about this being a new thing, as social services never did prepare or administer any adult carer support plan my way…in the entire time, carer’s assessments have been around. Now they have a license to practice not having the duty…which is what they were doing before.

Even the Ombudsman, overlooked the process not once but several times. Particularly, during the past over 3 years and that was long before this Coronavirus Bill came along and long before Corona even evolved.

To think these organisations are allowed the liberty to just delay and not consider now really pushes limits for many, soon to be victims of the new Bill.

Many carers who are classified as ‘informal’ are going to suffer from the discriminatory practice which has been in place, to single out to people like me, only to be able to access a very degrading ‘lack of support’. For me and my son this practice even before the recent Bill, has gone on and already been practiced, for decades already and not years. This is my personal experience and opinion and one I have personally endured.

What has actually been put in place, is unreasonable extra concerns for unpaid and informal carers. To add to it nothing has been put in place to assist those caring unpaid for very challenging care responsibilities. If anything, we are totally alone during this crisis. Inconsidered and invisible which is nothing new.

Right now many informal carers are suffering and very much being overlooked by society as a whole. Those who are informal carers are generally being left in a boat without a paddle. Need is not being considered other than the needs of a small group of people shielded by the Government.

Most of the rest of the army of carers and their caree’s are thrown to the dogs. Many are trapped in their situations and can’t get out either and there are those at the mercy of services who have been given the right to deny help/or delay it. That is definitely not okay.

Right now even the so-called ‘citizen’s voice’ (the Council’s complaints service) are using this crisis…to delay complaints sent to them in 2019.

By the way, I have enormous respect for frontline workers who work tirelessly in this coronavirus crisis. I do think they deserve the recognition they are getting.

Yep … interlocks with the main thread … currently in the CAMPAIGNS section :

Clap for the NHS !

Pray for carers and their carees ?

Abandoned / expendable / ignored / treat as something you would wipe off your shoe … take your pick … perhaps all four ?

Even IF the all clear is given at some indeterminable date , how long before a " Normal " service resumes … assuming any LA will be actually solvent before then ?

Coronavirus Bill ?

Passed without a single vote against in the House.

Fatalities as a direct result ?

" Not in the " Public interest " to disclose " … ?

A new ball game … even lions v. Christians for some ?

I agree with all you say.

The Care Act was brought in to give more choice and control to give the elderly and disabled a better life, more fulfilling life, that they can live in the community with the right support.

But I haven’t seen any changes if anything care has got worse not better.

Services have just been cut and cut as the council has had its funding cut and having to pass on the cuts to the very people that need the services.
And unpaid carers should be getting more support to live a life of their own, we can relax knowing our loved ones are being looked after properly.

But not at all, the cuts have just transferred the essential services to the unpaid carers, shopping, cleaning and disabled transport cut and someone else needs to do these.

These are NEEDS but are not Needs according to the council, but these are essential needs.

Unpaid carers are TRAPPED in their roles, I don’t mind helping out, a pint of milk, a loaf of bread, but help is needed EVERY day and there just simply isn’t any official service you can contact.

The Care Act, we don’t do this, we don’t do that ACT more like.

And Complaints and the Ombudsman, takes months and months and you are expecting people who can barely write their own name to go through lengthy and complicated wrangling with councils who have a team of lawyers on their side.

We all need more help during this corona virus and what help has been provided, look out the window, anyone rushing to help NO.

Socialising is an essential part of wellbeing, you can talk on the phone, but some of my caree’s need help with phone calls.

You can go on the internet, Facetime video talk, again some of my caree’s don’t have internet.

Months of social distancing will be devastating to thousands of disabled and elderly, already suffering from depression and social isolation, will be even more isolated.
Again no help has been provided, a weekly phone call? No nothing.

No one has contacted me unpaid carer to see if I am managing with this extra stress?
My carees are terrified that they will get this corona, no protective equipment has been provided for them, masks or gloves, I am providing hours of reassurance but who is reassuring me? No one.

I read this morning that those on the “front line” will get a 30% pay rise during the pandemic?!


Hiya Bill, It is currently an Act now not a Bill anymore. Its’ more set in stone than ever and no doubt will be used for the entire 2 years…and beyond, to suppress the unpaid and to try and excuse the previous breaches in the care act that they were conducting anyway. Now they have a license to carry on what they were already doing. The government allowing it and giving these services ‘a right’ to carry on as they were doing, only with no redress for unpaid carers or consequences for the services.
I believe the ACT was pushed through because they know unpaid carers would be asking for more help.
People are only clapping the whole Nhs because they are bored…they haven’t affected them or they are pure downright ignorant to the corruption…or all three.

Hiya Londonbound, The care Act has so many holes in it that it could never work. In my opinion, it’s made things worse, not better. For one, there are loads of loopholes the authorities use to worm out of it. It was written in order for that to be the case.
The authorities make it up as they go along when it comes to deciding who to help…and they use the ignoring technic often, in order to delay and even fully refuse to acknowledge needs. I have no time for social services or their nonsense and I avoid them like the plague. It is them who seek me out and I make sure they can’t contact me 99.99% of the time because every time they do they chat utter rubbish and ask ridiculous questions, like why does my son need 2:1 care…My answer was, why does it take 2 social workers to visit? Then she was told she should have read the case notes on my son to know exactly why he needs 2:1…Better still she should have read my upheld complaint to the Ombudsman. They never learn, do they?
Simply they do not care and 9 times out of 10 the Ombudsman and the government back them up as is the case with this corona Act…It may as well be the Sluch puppy Act for all the help it’ll be to unpaid carers…For me, it’s more of a reason to avoid any ‘social’ contact( by at least 12 metres) with the services…for obvious reasons

Hiya Bowlingbun, It’s amazing how the government has pulled out all this money to help others in this crisis but never have they been fair to ‘informal carers’. I actually take offense to this as do most so-called informal carers who are treated like slaves by the services…and they need to wise up on this sooner rather than later, I’d say.

Hiya Honey badger, I think it happened well before this government’s assault on the disabled and carers. I think most of the general public had been breed to believe ‘we’ carers should be fed crumbs and are to be seen and not heard and the Nhs and social services can do nothing wrong (they are the heroes) and we are the zeros…according to what seems to be public opinion of the feckless who believe this…and we are in effect all conspiracy loons even when the death figures say otherwise. I think Bozo the clown is the very same person who runs the Country along with the conservatory clowns, a party of a similar name.
They may have given their ‘new’ powers the green light, in fact, but as you state it is a red one to all those caring on carers allowance.
Yes, they have certainly used the situation to their advantage but will it be at the end that is the question that remains to be answered. Of course, the unpaid are ‘the virus’ but I see the strategies of the corona Act as more threatening than the coronavirus itself.

Hi Charm

Thanks for sharing your concerns about the Coronavirus Bill/Act.

This morning Carers UK has issued this statement in response to the new guidelines on Care Act easements. The comment from our Chief Executive Helen Walker addresses some of your concerns. … -easements

Wishing you well


Said Carers UK response now posted in full , in the main CORONAVIRUS BILL / ACT thread … currently in the CAMPAIGNS section.