Ex Carer being cared for

Hey all

I’m Jax, my partner is my carer. I was a young carer (14) right up until 5 years ago (41) so I’ve done it all. Cared for Dad, Grandad then Mum. Now I’m sick. My partner cares for me but he keeps being lead a merry dance.

He needs to take a break once a week to go fishing. When I cared for Mum the lovely social worker I had got me a grant to go on a college course for a break. It wasn’t expensive but it gave me some breathing space. I’ve told him he should apply for the same.

He’s been told it’s a carers assessment he needs, so he called up our local social services and all she was concerned with was my bathing and toilet routine. Like WTF? Surely it should have been about his needs not my damn needs. I’m so fed up. Since the age of 14, I bust my back caring, this was way back when they didn’t give a damn (oh wait… hold on…) but you get the drift. What is it he’s supposed to be asking for? Carers Assessment, Needs Assessment? And can he get a grant to support him getting out once a week these days? I’m lost.

Cheers for listening.

Hi Jax … welcome to the canteen.

Yep , right old state of affairs … a trainee carrying out the " Assessment " , reading from the wrong manual ?

" 1,001 Ways To Tell An Untruth " … sub titled " Lying For Beginners " … perhaps ?

Okay … NEEDS / CARERS assessments … full sp on both … links to both ( Saves me copying and pasting what’s on there ? ) :

NEEEDS … both NHS and our very own CUK :

Getting a social care needs assessment - NHS

Needs assessment | Carers UK

CARERS … AGE UK and CUK again :
Carer's Assessment - Advice and help for Carers | Age UK
Carer's assessment | Carers UK

Grants ?

One can ask … politely … I’ll post some links for possible grants out there if needed ?

Have a ponder … what SHOULD happen … return to us if you want more from us … what ACTUALLY happens , perhaps …
from US , the end users ???

Quite often , like going out for an Italian meal and finding nothing on the menu expect for variations of chow meow with
special egg fried rice … and , of course … spam … fried or baked … and at a price you cannot afford !

Ah fantastic Chris! Lifesaver.

That’s what he had, a needs assessment. Arrgghh. They just don’t listen at our local social services. Well, she’s ringing him back tomorrow, so I’ll send all this over to him so he knows what it is. She’s actually lucky I wasn’t on the end of the phone :laughing:

Lifesaver ?

Another badge to add to me collection … mainly HM places of temporary residence so far … Dartmoor / Pentonville / The Shrubs etc. etc.

Always borrow the neighbour’s rottweiler for the day ?

Even then , said pooch would need a strong stomach or face a spell of intensive care in the local RSPCA afterwards ?

And , the possibility of prosecution from the RSPCA for being " Unkind to animals ? "

( A sympathetic beak might even praise your actions and let you off with a caution ? )

I jest … or do I ?

Hands up all reading this thread that can honestly say … " I found my Carers Assessment extremely useful " … anyone ? …
there must be at least one ?

Be nice to those waste management and disposal technicians of social care !!!

After , most are not doing their job !