Eviction from assisted living

We moved my elderly mother away from my sister last May after a year of increasingly aggressive and violent behaviour but we have now found out she is going to be evicted from the assisted living facility where she moved after causing persistent nuisance to other residents. I think there may have been some physical violence there too but we are told that other residents are getting increasingly stressed.

We don’t blame the facility in the least. However, we now need to find her somewhere else to go as there is no way any of us can cope with her behaviour.

She is 84 in very good health apart from a diagnosis of vascular dementia and ‘an unidentified mental illness of long standing.’ She is well known to the local psychiatric service after her previous behaviour towards my sister and I. She is physically strong and walks miles at a time every day.

She will be self-funding for some years. We will be unable to provide top up.

Hi Sarah.

Given the circumstances , and the number of issues involved , my strong recommendation is to seek specialist legal advice
a Family law specialist , probably beyond the capability of most general law solicitors.

A whole series of issues … interlocked … housing and safeguarding to name just two … which will need a legal mind to unravel ,
and recommend a way forward so that ALL parties’ interests are protected … by the book.

Power of Attorney problems also mentioned in the past … now another issue to be added to the equation.

Anything else … I can only see problems , perhaps intensifying … with every chance of possible legal action demned necessary
to unravel.

Care home possibilities ?

Secondary … specialist legal advice first and foremost … time is also paramount here !

Thanks for your input Chris.

My sister and I have joint power of attorney for both finance and health and welfare. The finance one is already in operation.

Yep … also , duties under said P of A to be added into the equation … potential clash between the duties to the doner
and your own interests ???

In essence , whose shoes are you wearing … your mother’s or … your own ???

One for that legal advice specialist … no question !!!


Thanks Sarah.

Very rarely does a posting come along that equates to a poisoned chalice for any forum member to reply to it … in good faith or otherwise.

This is definitely one of that very rare breed !!!

_( Maybe wise for the Greens to lock this thread … I leave it to them to decide.

Nothing wrong with the questions asked … it’s any alternative answers that could be the problem. )

( Upstairs with CUK since 8 June 2018 … another ticking time bomb … and could take them with it !)

( Strange , only earlier today , I added this to a posting … " We , on the forum , are not experts , nor legally qualified … we just do the best we can to assist fellow carers … from our own knowledge and experience as carers " … quite by chance and opportunity. NOT meant to be a bona fide disclaimer … the whole essence of what’s missing throughout the site / forum. )

Following Crhis’s well founded warning about conflicts of interest etc I am not seeking advice from the forum on this situation.

However, I would be vey grateful if there was any information on how other similar cases concluded? This can’t be unique given the sheer number of dementia sufferers in the UK!

Hi Sarah,

I remember your problems from last year. DO NOT GET INVOLVED with moving mum. You might have POA but that doesn’t mean that you are ultimately responsible for mum, it means that you are responsible only for managing mum’s money.

SOCIAL SERVICES must sort this out, as mum is clearly a “vulnerable adult” who is about to become homeless. The only option left is, as far as I can think, a residential home of some type for elderly mentally infirm.

Ring Social Services today. Also ring the assisted living manager and ask them to do the same.

Evicting someone is actually a long drawn out process, if someone doesn’t go quietly then they will have to go down the legal route, getting an order for possession.