I posted about my caree receiving an ESA form seeking more information about their circumstances 2015/2016.
A long form asking a lot questions most not relevant to my caree, working, owning property abroad, savings, ISA’s.
Although I helped fill in the form, the form was sent back as it had not been filled in correctly.

Posted it again back to ESA.

My caree was very worried upset, stressed as to what was happening?
This morning received a letter that ESA have made an Error should, not have contacted them and Sorry.
Signed Manager.
My caree filled in the form for nothing, and all the stress and worry.
There is no address, no details of complaints.
How do you complain to ESA?


How to complain about the service you get from the Department for Work and Pensions or from an organisation that provides its services.

Complaints procedure - Department for Work and Pensions - GOV.UK


How do you complain to ESA?

Internet search … DWP ESA COMPLAINTS … ???

Probably be akin to water off a duck’s back ?

Best to send by Recorded Delivery … at best , you can track to ensure it has been received … if only by a passing cleaner at the time.

The Citizens advice will also help and would your local MP.

MP have different and quicker access to Government depts.