Entrance ramps for porches into frontdoors

Has anyone any advice on porch ramps. So far the OT department locally found us a 6 foot ramp but as my right shoulder is hurting more and more nowadays, picking up the ramp and putting it down across the 2 doorsteps is becoming ‘a pain’! So I asked a porch builder about it and they reckon they can put one between the two doors but the distance between front doorstep and porch doors is probably less than the length of the wheelchair; so I couldn’t use the back ‘flick up’ easily if I was still inside the house, and he was almost out of it to get over the final threshold. Any ideas? It is a manual wheelchair with the big back wheels and little naughty front wheels that spin across not just round sometimes and hence jam!

Hi Anne,
I don’t know anything about ramps, but I do know there are gadgets that can lock the little wheels to go forwards only - it can be flicked on and off a bit like a brake. The OT, local wheelchair services or mobility ship should be able to advise.


Ramps are and can be very heavy objects. Have you considered changing the current chair.

Has there been a O/T referral/recommendation sometimes home owners can get help/funding from their local council.

I hope you find a solution. Rapid Ramp do a rubber ramp - rubber threshold ramps - Rapid Edge Ramp, or there is the modular ramp, but that’s a fixed solution - Standard Metal Modular Ramp - Permanent & Temporary Solution. Or try the Ramp People perhaps .