Portable pathways

Does anyone know where I can get a portable lightweight pathway that is suitable for a wheelchair? It will need to be about 6 feet in length and easily laid across the communal lawn to the road and then removed when not in use?

Do you mean a ramp?

Internet search … PORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT RAMPS / PATHWAYS … will reveal many , some with reviews.

Same search … click on IMAGES … to narrow down your search.

Garden Centres often sell portable pathways/tiles to lay across a lawn.

I found this roll up one on Amazon

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have a permanent path?
Tell us a bit more about the situation, especially who owns the grass in question, and we may be able to make a few suggestions.

Thanks to all you have responded to my question. The one about the path has given me an idea: there is a path but it has a couple of steps so probably something can be down about it.

I’m fairly certain that Social Services can directly commission “Small Works” of under £1,000, without much of a problem.

If there are just a couple of steps, then it should be relatively easy to replace them with a ramp which many people would find easier, especially mothers with a pushchair.

I did purchase these few years ago and they are still in use. They ARE HEAVY but useful propped against a kerb when pulling things up or going down. Main use for me is for ‘wheelie bins’ and my push bike.