Is there such a thing as a wheelchair stairlift for the home

Hello, does anyone know if there is such a thing as a wheelchair stairlift which will fit on a normal household size stairwell? Its getting increasingly difficult to transfer my wife from wheelchair onto stairlift and back to wheelchair again. She has had numerous falls recently and the most dangerous place is the stairlift we have now which is a Stannah 600. It would be far safer if we could get the wheelchair from the hallway, onto a lift platform and off at the top of the stairs. The last fall my wife had was transferring from the wheelchair onto the stairlift. She ended up half in and half out of the front door where she waited for 5 hours for the Paramedics to lift her up.If she were to fall at the top of the stairs it would have been far worse as the stairlift stops at the top step and does not come onto the landing.

This charity was previously mentioned on the forum.

Thank you. That is useful as a last resort but I will wait and see if there are any stairlift manufacturers already producing these because charities have limited funds whereas manufacturers sell for profit. Stannah do a wheelchair stairlift but it wont fit on a normal household stairwell. Its installed in some retail premises, education establishments etc but they have wider stairs.

Most wheelchair stairlifts are huge things and won’t fit in the home. The usual solution is a through the floor lift but they take up humongous amounts of space in the two rooms they occupy. They tend to be a bit more reliable, though.

Yes I have seen those thank you. Trouble is if we went from the room downstairs into the room upstairs my neighbour would be far from happy because we live in an upstairs flat! One up and one down. 20 years ago when we bought the place we chose to buy the upstairs flat because it seemed more secure and we were both a lot fitter. Now of course living in an upstairs flat with a wife in a wheelchair is not exactly ideal! We do like where we live as we have great neighbours and I thought if we could get a wheelchair stairlift we could still live quite happily here. If its not possible, I better start looking around for a bungalow. We have not been outside since last September when my wife fell off the stairlift.

I was tempted to say some neighbours are just selfish…but I do understand the problem. I think, to be honest, the only way may be to contact a manufacturer and discuss the problem with them. I can think of one wheelchair stairlift I’ve seen that folds up when not in use, in a commercial setting. Perhaps they can provide something similar?