Stair Lifts


Has anyone had one of these fitted? What are they like? Are they quite wide?

Our steps are very narrow so I have no idea how one could be fitted but then for me and the others to use the stairs as normal.


Ask Social Services to arrange for an Occupational Therapist’s assessment.
Then the assessor should discuss what is possible. If you have modest savings, it may be provided free of charge.

BB, they came about a year ago and said they could fit one. However, our steps are very narrow. I’m not sure I or the others would still be able to get up and down the steps with that in the way. I’ve done a bit of digging and it says place a chair against the door facing forward which I have done but there is only a tiny bit of space left.

Also, is it operated by a lever or a button system normally if anyone has one? Mum wouldn’t be able to use either as her joints are quite bad.

My wife’s stairlift is operated by a simple to use paddle switch. Easy to use for those with
Arthritis etc. Also two portable remote controls top and bottom of stairs for others to use.
Our stairs are narrow and it is a hindrance taking large objects past it although folding seat
swivels round 90 degree at top of stairs. Fitted with a seat belt which she never used.

Mum bought her own chair lift from Acorn. Another main manufacturer is Stannah.

The Acorn lift was operated by pressing a small lever on the arm rest. Why not contact the manufacturers regarding dimensional requirements of the stairs. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was some device out there to make it easier for someone with bad arthritis to use the chair lift.