Spring-loaded doors are not disabled-friendly

Doors with spring closers - the bane of someone pushing someone in a wheelchair. I sometimes felt that I was trying to be a contortionist as I tried to wheel my wife through them. And one finds them even on disabled toilets or hotel rooms.

There is a simple solution. Buy a couple of door wedges. The soft rubber or plastic ones are better than the wooden ones; they give more grip on a smooth stone floor. (I bought some suitable ones from Wilco.) We carry them in the wheelchair pocket and use when needed. Much easier. Buy two because some double doors are not very wide.

Of course, for “self-propelled” wheelchair users, this is probably not the best solution. Any ideas, anyone?

It’s not just wheelchair users, but people pushing a pushchair too.
Some of our local banks and building societies have motorised doors, just push a large button outside and the doors open. So much easier and disabled friendly.

That’s a great tip - thank you!

I have to use the rear entrance door at my mother’s care home as I can’t push her in her wheelchair up the very long ramp to the front door. They’ve recently replaced it with a very heavy plate glass door that I can barely hold open whilst manoeuvring mum through.