Carers Trust : Emergency Scheme For Family Carers

Nicked this bit from another thread … one for CUK to digest , me thinks … not advertised on their site !

( I will assume CUK’s Advice Team had prior knowledge … especially if they are dealing with emergency situations ?

If so , NOT letting US know at forum level is a major error … especially if WE are doing their work for them !!! )



Emergency schemes for carers.

Date Revised: 07/02/19

Many local carer services and local councils offer carer schemes where an emergency plan can be put into action if you have a caring emergency.

Most of these schemes are free.

How do the schemes work ?
Each of the schemes will work slightly differently so check with your local carer service about what is available where you live.

Usually you willl need to carry a card with you at all times. In an emergency, anyone who finds this card will know you are a carer and that there is someone relying on your support.

( Card ? No definition on the CT site as to what this is ! )

They can ring the phone number on the card and that will go through to a 24-hour-a-day call centre. The call centre will have your emergency plan that says what you would like to happen in the event of an emergency.

This may be as simple as calling someone else you know who can care for the person you usually look after until you are better. Some schemes include some emergency care from your local council but check with the scheme where you live.

These schemes don’t usually cover you if you have something planned, such as an appointment, and need short-term replacement care.

Next update due: February 2020

INTERNET SEARCH … CARERS TRUST CENTRES ( ADD YOUR MANOR ) … a case of pinning down one’s local one !

Adding WORKSOP gives me NOTTINGHAM AND SHEFFIELD … hardly local … 30 / 40 minutes by train , then bus ?

I have just got one of these plans.

The lady came to my house to write it up and I asked if someone is always found to help in an emergency. Her reply…no, not always!

The point is they phone round local agencies to try and find staff in an emergency…but I can imagine that they are already busy with regular clients.

Cant imagine this working.

Has anyone had to use this - has it worked out?

No traceable feedback as I type.

Said scheme has been mentioned to two / three posters as an avenue to explore.

( One needed emergency hospital treatment … nobody to cover her … what covered offered , which was totally inadequate , well beyond
her ability to pay. Sadly , we did not hear further from her. )

None have ever replied.

Very vary of costs … silent on that part.

( Usually , any notion of replacing oneself as a carer comes with a price tag at least 6 million or so could not afford. )

Another thing that looks good on paper, but in practice another matter…just like the carers assessment.

I guesse adult services have to take responsibility if someone has to go into hospital?


I guess adult services have to take responsibility if someone has to go into hospital?

Yep … in the rare event that costs are minimal . the carer will escape a financial bullet.

Ties in with respite care schemes out … both supporting organisations " Encourage " us to take breaks.

What they conveniently forget to mention … the cost of replacing one’s self as a carer !

Ayjay and I are covered by the same LA I think. First 48 hours are free. I have met people who have found the service invaluable, sadly too long ago to remember exact details, but an admission to hospital was involved.

Post code lottery , BB.

Hampshire ?

Consider yourselves … fortunate.

Can you imagine a similar scheme on a poorer manor ?

I had a card for my local scheme; I was able to set it up online. It was crucial for my peace of mind because my caree had a severe speech loss so could not have asked for help if anything happened to me. I had to set out exactly what caring I did and that went onto the system. Fortunately I never had to try it out, so cannot comment on the implementation or cost.

Although I had to give family contacts the website says “The service will help even if the named contacts cannot be reached, or you do not have any people who can help nearby. Care workers will provide an initial response, to allow enough time to plan what will need to happen next.”

My local carers’ group put me onto it, but it shows up under an internet search for [my local authority] carer’s emergency card.


Fortunately I never had to try it out, so cannot comment on the implementation or cost.

Anything other than a " 999 " card ( Or should that be " 111 " in new money ? ) … calls out the cavalry ( Or Keystone cops ? ) … what then ?

When offered one in 1998 , my question was … " As a lone carer , who would I nominate in a case of emergency ? "


I had to set out exactly what caring I did and that went onto the system.

In those days , a simple card … without any online back up.

Still 6 years away from the first carer forum … within the old PRT … now Carers Trust.

Has there been any real progress over those 21 years … now 22 ?
( Assume accident … in hospital for a week … caree still alive when you return home … and a 4 figure bill ( Before the decimal point ) from the
local SS for providing 24 / 7 replacement care in your absence ??? )

Any reader had to use an emergency scheme recently ?

I fear for any carer … especially if there are costs involved in replacing oneself as the carer.

Especially lone carers with just their caree for company.

After 28 days , CA would cease … if the carer was claiming it in the first place ?

Coronavirus Bill … effects on any emergency care schemes currently running ?

Perhaps Carers UK could confirm what is currently available for carers should they need to be isolated without the caree in tow ???

Hiya Bill, This is what happened to me (summer last year). I requested some help from ‘the team’ social care and health, as I was told by my GP I could go into a coma at any time. I alerted the 117 ‘team’ who offered ‘2 weeks respite’ and then ignored this offer for the next 3 months. 3 months later they took it to the panel.
During those 3 months, they left me caring for 115 hrs a week and they demanded meetings (for CHC for my son) over 3 hours in duration. When asking the allocated social worker ‘what would happen to my son if I went into a coma’…The answer was…He didn’t know.
And this question was in regard to my son who is 34 and requires 24-hour care…and is on a 117 aftercare…A young man who is totally dependant on others and doesn’t even know how to use a phone, can not communicate properly…and has moderate/severe LD, autism on the lower end and seizures occurring many times a day.
Yep…the mind boggles at the lack of co-ordination of key services THEN and before this crisis…and before the relaxation of responsibility, we now have by Law, of the care Act…Via Corona Act now in place.

Carers UK

I am also concerned what would happen should we need to isolate without our two carees.

It is a concern

There was not anybody lining up to help care before so I cant imagine it now.




Now all three … and will be the new " Norm " … even after the all clear is given ?

The Coronavirus Act does give a little assurance but … given the financial meltdown , who will be brave enough to evoke that " Assurance. "

Hiya Cloudy and Bill, It’s all 3 Bill…I believe the truth is, they will ignore…They will be blanking desperate phone calls for as long as possible…be unavailable to contact due to ‘the coronavirus’ and carers will be left whether ill or not regardless, having to continue caring or family will be forced to take over due to service ignoring.

Surely if it’s a safeguarding issue they would have to act wouldn’t they?

In my case, it’s been all three, many, many times.