Elderly person CHC Review in person and COV-19


Man is 96 is housebound and CHC review is due, he cant cope with stress of long meeting and many attendees so has nominated son and wife to represent away from home. The wife 93 received a call from NHS CHC co-od last week to attend CHC review meeting in a Government building next week. Really concerned for them as surely this goes against Government COV-19 guidelines ? The caller was quite insistent meeting must go ahead.


As recommended by the NHS themselves … bounce said inquiry off Beacon :

Contact - Beacon

Given the rapidly changing situation out there , nothing else would fit the bill.

Bear in mind a minimum of 3 working days for a reply.

In the circumstances , an inquiry by telephone … number on page of the link posted earlier ?

Thank you, we are already in contact with Beacon as an Advocate for Dad but this sudden request for meeting resulting in Mum potentially compromising isolation and risk of COV-19 has not been discussed just yet, I’ll try to contact them Monday. What I do know is that Beacon themselves are sensibly only doing video link meetings.

Was curious what others thought of this.

A video link meeting seems the best in the circumstances.

Let us know how matters progress … it may help others viewing the forum.

Just contact your local MP.

A couple of friends have said that. My Sister seems reluctant for some reason. Is it likely I will get a timely reply from Mum/Dads MP, I never get a quick response from mine.

Will do Bill. There has been zero coordination by the CHC coordinator. Not heard from her since January then suddenly a call that this meeting must happen this week, no contact with care agency, nor the Beacon Advocate, nor Son (me) and Daughter. All of which was agreed would attend with contact details given in January. It’s very odd.

Ensure a full house of interested parties , Les.

Nothing worse than a " Predetermined " meeting or you being at a disadvantage.

Thank you Bill

I fear they have made their mind up already, DN initially telling us don’t worry but now saying only 10% continue with NHS funding after review !!

Dads primary health need is mental with Parkinsons Dementia and they had not even requested MHT or Parkinsons input when they tried to arrange first meeting.

The shame is (understatement for the world!! ) due to COV-19 a full in-person meeting can’t happen now as at least Beacon advocate won’t attend in person (sensibly). Much harder to grasp the vibe of the meeting or give a subtle nod etc over a video link.

Contact the Parkinson Socirty, they’ve been campaigning about CHC for years. Might have a few ideas to help.