Elderly Parents - Their Anxiety over Coronavirus

Hi All

My Dad is 101 and mum 87 and they both are housebound. As they have aged their relationship has deteriorated and both have gone into their own worlds, with their own, often differing opinions. Dad has carers 4 times a day as mum cannot physically or emotionally deal with looking after Dad.

Dad keeps phoning me (I am an only child living 2 hours away currently self-isolating due to partners cough) asking me to cut the carer’s visit to 2 a day. He is watching the news all day and getting so worked up about the Coronvirus. He phones me behind mum’s back telling me I have to sort everything. Mum is going to have a breakdown when she finds out.

It is very difficult to reason with Dad on the phone as he just lectures me and can’t hear my response. Mum has carers 3 times a week and Dad also want her to cancel them and wants me to tell her I am going to cancel them (which a present I won’t cancel without her agreement). I am at a loss to know how to deal with this situation. Any thoughts, guidance or similar situations would be very welcome. Stress levels through the roof again!!!

Talk directly to the care agency. Explain the situation and ask for a manager. To do a home visit to give reassurance to your dad.
Ask them to explain the keeping everyone safe procedures. Make it seem like a routine visit that’s taking place for all clients in receipt of home care packages. That care will not be compromised as safe caring policies are always in place. Regardless of the current situation hygiene is always a top priority.