Caring for parents and corona virus

I’m after advice if possible please. My patents live with me and I am their carer. I was originally not going to work under the shielding guidelines. My parents are in their 80’s. Both have diabetes mum has pacemaker. We have not received a letter because they are not in the most vulnerable category. Work has now said that I should return to work as of Monday. I work in a GP surgery Administration, I’m not really happy with returning because - a the travelling b I will be working in an office of approx 4 or 5 people. Therefore concerned that this is social contact. Are there any guidelines for carers at home with parents or has anyone else experienced this problem. Thanks any advice appreciated

  1. I should ask how are they going to provide you with a safe working place- even a separate room. Adhering to the Government social distancing guide lines.
  2. If you are using public transport. Ask will they provide a private taxi.

Are you parents registered at your G.P. If not and you do not wish to return to work. Ask your parents surgery with their permission a letter confirming them as vulnerable. It doesn’t have to state their medical condition.


I would be trying to work from home as its admin surely they can set you up.

I think anything else is taking a risk personally.

Hi Karen,

Take a look at this from govt… esp no’s 10 and 11. I realise no 11 is re childcare but applicable in a way

Also CUK has this info - about half way down is advice about if you live with those you care for