Mums Persistant Talking

Hi there.
I’m looking for some advice please. I live with my 74 year old mum and she just talks non-stop!

She cannot sit quietly and watch the TV or do anything quietly. Whatever she’s doing she has to be talking about whatever she’s doing or just general gossiping! It is really doing my head in.
I don’t get any time to myself to think, I am really beginning to resent her :frowning:

I can empathise with you. My Mum does that too (luckily I don’t live with her,) she is even known to stand outside the toilet to carry on a conversation; also my caree vocalises a lot of the time - he is considered non-verbal - but he makes vocal sounds A LOT. It’s the most stressful part of looking after him. I wish he had a mute button sometimes!!

Some suggestions are:
Do you spend all your time together in the same room, when you are home? Could you get into the habit of closing room doors, so for example if you go to cook dinner in the kitchen, you shut the living room and kitchen doors so you have a bit peace? Do you both have TVs in your bedrooms? Perhaps you could encourage her to have an earlier night and retire to watch TV in bed - giving you a bit of time alone in the living room or when she is relatively engrossed in watching TV or whatever downstairs - go upstairs to your bedroom. Are you able to leave her? Could you invent reasons for a walk each day (or get a dog!!) so that you escape the house and some peace that way. If you like listening to music, you could wear sound cancelling earphones and listen to music when she is watching TV etc


Do you qualify for support or not? Ask her to write down things on a notepad instead. Perhaps that may help?

Hi Mia,
I can see why that would get on your nerves. I wonder if there’s a reason/condition behind it? If you google ‘compulsive talking’ there’s a load of info online and maybe you could find something which you think relates to your Mum.
If nothing rings a bell then there are also suggestions of strategies to cope.
Hope you find an answer.

Not to hijack the post but compulsive behaviour like this can drive you nuts. My mother is currently a tissue collector. She will use a tissue to blow her nose or whatever, fold it minutely and tuck it somewhere on her person then when she moves around there’s a trail of paper tissues following her. I do find this ridiculously upsetting - it’s something my Nan did too although her Alzheimer’s was so much more advanced. She’d wrap things in toilet roll and if you opened her handbag it was like loo-roll lava. it would just pour out and you couldn’t just throw it without unwrapping every piece because she wrapped her cash in it.

My mum used to talk a lot, sensibly i would add. She would answer a question in a round about way and I could see the doctors being frustrated with her. I’m afraid do the same!

Mum always had tissues too but would stuff the in her pockets or up her sleeve.