DWP Performance Measurement Team Phone Appointment

I received a letter from the “Performance Measurement Team” care of the DWP, they want several bank statements,my original
Tenancy Agreement, and because of the Covid-19 Pandemic and restrictions, we were, as well as everybody else staying at home,my problem is, I’ve managed to save a lot of my PIP benefit over the last year or so,dose anyone know, might I be
penalized for having saved this money when they see my bank statements.
PS; the letter said I was picked at random by the Performance Measurement Team.

Hi & welcome Cyril

Did the letter state how you are to supply this information i.e by post or taking your evidence to your local job centre. What you do and how your spend your PIP allowance is basically up to you. Some people spend it as they go along others save for perhaps a large piece of equipment etc. There are many productive ways in spending an allowance.

Have you checked the phone call out by calling back the DWP. I would be very cautious putting all this information in the post. And would make an appointment to take to the job centre. Who will photocopy and send the info on for you.

You are entitled to PIP if you are disabled, regardless of income or savings.

Are you or anyone else in your household claiming any income related benefits, or Carers Allowance?
If so, your entitlement to those is limited if you have savings or income over a set limit.

If you don’t have income related benefits, I don’t think they have any right whatsoever to demand this sort of information.

Talk to our Carers UK helpline before you do anything more. Unfortunately, DWP often don’t know their own rules!!

Thank you so much for the replies to my post, yes I do receive Housing Benefit and ESA, hence the request for the Tenancy Agreement etc. I will check the phone numbers they have supplied.
If anyone does have personal experience regarding these supposedly random DWP phone appointment interviews, please let me know how the interview went, obviously without giving personal information, just how the tone and the type of specific questions, as mine will be happening next week. Thank you so much for your support.

Have a notepad and pen to hand.
Write down date, time, name of questionner.
Write down each question, and your answer, as you go along. Tell them you are making notes for your own records.
If they try to hurry you up, ask them to allow you time to answer accurately and completely.