Don't know how I am going to cope

I am a carer for my husband who has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. I have myself had bouts of depression/anxiety for most of my adult life. I feel so bad when I can’t cope with husbands problems when I am not so good myself at times.
He is always worse if something upsets him, which it did last week, and we’ve had a horrible week so far. He has just been wandering round looking for his keys after thinking he dropped them when he has woke up dreaming. I showed him keys were hanging up in usual place but he couldn’t accept they were the right keys. I ended up getting upset and I’m sitting here crying now.

We don’t have any support and I don’t really talk to anyone anymore. I’m frightened for the future because I don’t feel I am going to be able to cope. He needs kindness and understanding.

Hello & welcome Christine

I do feel for both of you! When you are unwell it’s very hard to help others. You are doing the best you can but you need help. Has your husband had a needs assessment and your a carers assessment.
What are your ages? This information will help us to know what information to give you. To hopefully find/get you more support.

Carers group near you. Support where you live | Carers UK

I know you don’t wish to speak to anyone but it would be very good for you to speak to people who understand your situation.

Some charities/carers groups provide a listening ear service non judgemental etc.

Agree with Sunny Disposition. If you have a local Carers Group they may hopefully be able to offer support, maybe via meetings or by a telephone befriender. The Befrienders have often been carers themselves.

Dementia is the most horrific disease and the compassion required can destroy the strongest of us, so please do not feel guilty for asking for help. It is also very isolating as so few understand.

Please get help. Please do not delay either.

Thank you for your replies. We haven’t had much help with assessments and I haven’t had much luck finding any groups or advice in our area. I don’t drive either.
I certainly will look into the link sent when I feel I can think a bit more clearly.

It’s not that I don’t want to talk to people but people seem to have backed off or they want to tell me the horror stories of others they know of with Alzheimers.

My husband and myself are in our early 70s. He has been a bit better today thank goodness.