Do I qualify for free prescriptions

I recently started getting universal credit and Carer’s allowance for looking after my dad, I can’t work out if I get free prescriptions or I need to pay for them, can anyone advise me on this thanks.

See if this helps any:

I’ve done that but am still no wiser, it doesn’t include Carer’s allowance, so don’t no whether Carer’s allowance needs to be added to my take home pay or not, to qualify for free prescriptions, if it doesn’t I do qualify.

As Michael as show the link …

Read under benefits and getting UC.

Hello , I’m new to this, I am caring for my husband he had a massive stroke in November last year, he came home in January, it’s left him badly disabled he now needs 24 hour care , luckily he never lost his speech . I am currently on the sick from work and my sick pay is due to come to an end in August, I’m then going to leave my full time job I’ve got the carers allowance pack, Carer’s Credit pack ready to fill in , does anyone know when it would be best to send it off , should I wait till nearer August or do it now thanks my name is Della by the way

Hi Della

If that’s you own name I would change it for confidentiality purposes.

You may like to start your own thread - so people look at it. Otherwise there maybe people who could help but will not necessary read it given it is under someone else’s thread.

Oh ok thanks, how do you start a new thread ? I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing

Place it under carers allowance re: benefit section.

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Ok thanks so much I’ll try

You can get a season ticket for prescriptions:-

Halfway down the page there is a check to see if you can get free prescriptons.

There are other links on the other side of the webpage.

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