Severe Disability Premium/Carers Allowance

Hi everyone,

I’m new here so thank you in advance for taking the time to read this!

I’ve been caring for a relative for over a year but have recently had to become full time as he has nearly died 4 times through seizures/extreme low blood sugar etc, so I have no choice but to be there for him and manage all his medications.

I am currently in receipt of universal credit and had a phone call telling me to apply for carers allowance, however looking into his finances there is absolutely no way that he can afford to have his severe disability premium a week taken off him, he has credit cards, bills, rent, food, just like the rest of us and taking £65/ week is going to be at a detriment to him.

I take it I can’t be forced to apply for this allowance if it’s not feasible, has anyone else had any issues with this and universal credits calling to try to get you to claim it!? The only thing I can think of doing is getting a doctor’s letter to say he can’t live without a carer due to his conditions and hope universal credit accepts this?

Thank you for reading😀

If you claim Carers Allowance you will not be required to look for work.
You don’t have to care for this person.
He is entitled to a lot of help if he is so severely disabled.
Has he had a Needs Assessment from Social Services?
Been assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare?
He may well be entitled to Direct Payments, through either SSD or CHC.

Is the person you care for on UC also. If not read below I don’t know if this could be another way. Of your getting the carers allowance element and you relative as below. Depending on which rate you relative would be entitled too.

Transitional payment
People who were entitled to Severe Disability Premium (SDP) on their legacy benefits get a transitional payment in their Universal Credit.

This amounts starts at the rates below, but over time it will gradually be reduced.

Single person with an LCWRA element: £120 per month
Single person with no LCWRA element: £285 per month
Couple, both entitled to SDP: £405 per month
Couple, only one person entitled to SDP, with an LCWRA element: £120 per month
Couple, only one person entitled to SDP, with no LCWRA element: £285 per month.
Updated January 2021

UC is so complicated you would need to seek further advice.

Did the advisor who phoned you. Say if you don’t claim carers allowance. That it would effect you current claim. I guess they are trying to put you down as not needed to seek employment. Are you already expected to seek employment.