Are Carers entitled to other benefits?


I’m new to this forum and would appreciate any help or information to recognise if I’m entitled to any other benefits as I’m on a very low income.

I’m currently caring for a family member who is disabled and unable to walk. I have given up my job as they need full-time care and are waiting to have an total hip replacement and will need help with rehabilitation after. They’ve been ill for a year and I only received carers allowance since May this year. Receiving £67 a week is nothing to live on and as I’ve never received benefits before as I’ve always worked, I’m unsure if I’m entitled to any other benefits? I’ve read up on Universal Credit but it seems confusing as I’m a fulltime carer but it says to apply you have to be looking for work?

The government website is unclear and when I have a moment and I try and call the job centre I’m waiting for 20mins in a queue and no one answers. I don’t have the time to keep calling back

Please can someone help?

Thank you in advance

Hi Jamima

Please also make contact Carers UK …

Message for Carers UK

This question has been asked twice now in two days.

Please can Carer UK put information on the main site. Reference claiming Carers Allowance through Universal Credit and the availability or not expectations to look/seek for work. I have search the internet and can not find a definitive answer to sign post too.

sunnydisposition, I have highlighted this to Michael and Lizzie.



Thanks, Melly and sunnydisposition. I will highlight this to my colleague who is responsible for updating the website and ask her to pick this up when she’s back from leave.