Do i have any case against social services?

i’m my elderly mum’s carer, at 92 with dementia and live with her in her home
social services tried to take mum into care last week, i said better for her to live here,
they said i wasn’t treating her properly medically here- nonsense, all this on a short phone
call where she raised her voice at me.
previously they helped set up care agency cover after a short hospital stay, mum became more
bedbound, weaker and did a chc assessment at the house with me. we were seeking a better agency for us longer term
this week they arrived at the house with the police, took mum away and said there are reports of abuse. i’m not allowed to see her in the home and communication with social worker or chc nurse is non existent.
this has happened so suddenly, my gp was upset to read his notes.
it’s appauling: first the medical allegation then when i said she’s better here she dropped the idea to take her away into care, then the few days later this abuse allegation which meant they could take her without any recourse from me, on the spot, both allegations are nonsense, so many friends, family are outraged, know mum was benefiting enormously from being cared for in the family home by her family, with extra care and was in no risk of neglect, abuse. i am ill with this. please any advice for dealing with this social services?

Hi Phillip.

My immediate thought … find yourself a good family law solicitor !

What you are seeking is legal advice.

Nobody on this forum is legally qualified to give such advice.

Opinions perhaps … but NOT legal advice.

At best , try the CAB initially :

thankyou chris, we have a solicitor for the criminal side, i’m thinking may need a family lawyer too.
it’s terrible, how social services can do this.

Hi Philip,
I cannot begin to imagine how stressed you must be.
Is there anyone else in your family who can visit your Mum and check she is ok, for you.

I think you need to become as informed as possible about the adult safeguarding process. Your local authority should have info line about this. This information is published online by Rochdale

You definitely need professional advice.

We are here though to listen and send you cyber support.


thankyou melly for the safeguarding info, yes the church is sending someone to go see mum, p.

Goodness me how stressful and upsetting. Glad someone is seeing her on your behalf.

I really hope the situation is resolved as soon as possible.

The local authority needs to inform you what its safeguarding process involves and the timeline. This may be on its website.

I’d make some good notes of what has happened, who said what and when, and seek some legal advice.