Mum refusing to o accept care

I don’t know if anyone else has had this experience, mum is 95 and has a touch of dementia, mainly she is just very forgetful. She has carers come to her home three times a day. She is ok with her regular three or four different carers but when the agency sends a new person she threatens them and sends them away. She told me one was going through her drawers. In general all the carers I have met are lovely people so I don’t know what to believe. I keep asking the care agency not to send carers other than the ones my mum is familiar with. I also don’t want to pay for the ones that come and just leave, not sure where I stand on this. Has anyone else had this experience and how did it get resolved? I would be grateful for any ideas please. Unfortunately I live over a 100 miles away and can’t get to be there with her often. Thank you

Try and speak with your Mum’s social worker or social services dept.

Speak with the care quality commission who maybe able to help.

If different carers are stressing you mum think about …

Making sure people’s wellbeing is promoted, taking their views, wishes, feelings and beliefs into account.
Does there need to be an update/assessment care plan discussion etc.

Thanks for the advice Sunny…she is self funding at the moment and hasn’t got a social worker but maybe I should be in touch with social services anyway.