Disabled people to get free NHS parking from April 2020

Disabled people, along with frequent outpatient attendees, parents of sick children staying overnight and staff working night shifts, will not have to pay for NHS car parking from April 2020.

Thousands of NHS patients and visitors in England will be able to access free hospital car parking under a new approach.

Set out by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the government will also consider car parking capacity across the country, and how improved technology will reduce burdens for hospitals and take away stress for visitors.

Currently, NHS trusts are responsible for making their own car parking arrangements, including setting any charges. Any profits from car parking charges must be reinvested into frontline care.

From April, all 206 hospital trusts in England will be expected to provide free car parking to groups that may be frequent hospital visitors, or those disproportionately impacted by daily or hourly charges for parking.


Yep … as reported a few moons ago … 27 December 2019 … main NHS thread :


**Free NHS hospital parking for thousands in " Greatest need. "

Thousands more NHS patients and visitors will be able to access free hospital car parking, the government says.** >