Mobility car

Hello, My son has been in a mental health hospital for nearly 2 years now and has been sectioned all this time. As we live in Northern Ireland, there are no rehab accommodation for sectioned patients so our son will most likely be provided rehab in a private hospital in England for up to 4 years were he can if needed remain sectioned.
My issue is as follows: We have been waiting for a rehab placement for our son for over one year and as he is in hospital we cannot get a mobility car under the rules. If a rehab centre was available Would he get his mobility component of PIP as he would not be in a hospital but in a type of home.
We visit him every other day and if we did not have our own private car we would have to rely on taxis as the place is not on a bus route. We need the car more now in helping our son as to when he was home with us. Also he will not eat the food provided because of his psychos so we have to arrange food and fruit deliveries by us or other family members. They took the money of our son when he needs it more than ever.
Can anyone advise us.
Our son is 36 years old.
Thank you

Hi Brian.

One to bounce off either the CAB or Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) … linlks for both follow :

( PIP mobility element would be lost after 28 days … NOTHING on the same for a rehab / rest centre !
Hospital and benefits - Turn2us)

Numerous other reports from carers / parents / fellow siblings of the financial problems associated with patients being housed
miles … sometimes hundred of … away from their homes.