Blue badge theft

Seen on TV today, spate of blue badge thefts.
I’m going to buy a blue badge protector.

It’s a secure holder with window to see clock card as well.
It is chained to steering wheel with a lock.

As parking gets worse in towns etc these thefts may well increase.

I am fairly certain my blue badge was stolen from my car during a visit to one of those hand car washes in town. So be careful when visiting them.

If only one had to put the blue badge holder’s
photo face up it would stop theft.

It would help if local government acted on the use of stolen or misused blue badges too.

parking in London costs a fortune, pinching and using a blue badge can save a lot of money in fees, there must be some way the government could resolve this.

Put a chip on it the traffic wardens can scan, the moment the blue badge is stolen it can be rendered invalid.

I suppose it would cost too much money.

In London you can register 3 cars for exemption from paying the Congestion Charge if you have a Blue Badge. The same could be done for parking . I realise not everyone uses their own car but if you are going in someone elses car you can temporarily change the registration for that day

Technology is so advanced. I cannot see why there cannot be more security. If they can micro chip dogs surely cards can be micro chipped!

Don’t forget that the blue badge is issued to a person, not a car.
This means that using, say a taxi or other vehicle, it can park in disabled bays and show the
disabled’s blue badge.

A lot of councils are taking away free parking for blue badge holders ours especially. The disabled spaces are there but you now have to pay the same as everyone. So now we don’t go to the places we used to because we cant afford the minimum £3 each time to park. The local council owned nature reserves have now changed to make blue badge parking pay the same charges.
But that creates inequality under the Equality Act because people with mobility problems are only able to access a small part of the country parks compared to able bodied people who can access the whole country park. There are no bus services anywhere near the country parks either. That is a clear example of what the equality act is supposed to address, but the council are so arrogant they don’t want to listen.

Our council is always whinging about the low footfall and shop closures in the town centre but they make it more inaccessible for disabled people. DOH. So we go to Milton Keynes and park right bye any of the entrance doors for free and its warm and safe inside with loads of benches every few metres.

The blue badge has a barcode so the parking wardens can scan it to tell if its valid, but the problem, is they don’t follow up on that.