Handicapped ♿ parking

I’m a member of a club that uses leased facilities from a sports club with playing fields, bar and meeting facilities(often rented out for bday parties, wakes, etc). The private grounds include a large graveled or paved area used for parking for about 70+ vehicles. There are no marked parking spaces. There are no designated parking spaces or area for disabled/handicapped :wheelchair: parking. Does anybody know whether or not there should be a few spaces close to the main building designated handicapped :wheelchair:, so as to make reasonable accommodation for those blue badge holders?


The umbrella term, “reasonable adjustments,” springs to mind.

Googling quickly I found this; Duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people - Citizens Advice


Thank you for that link, very helpful. It appears that the building code doesn’t specify the need for handicapped spaces, but the requirement is covered under the laws dealing with reasonable accommodations.

Near us a new pub/restaurant was built, car park about 100 spaces, disabled only 2 spaces, very rarely do we manage to get a space.
Talked to the managers of the pub, according to new build regulations, they only needed to put 2 disabled spaces in.
Our town has a high population of elderly/disabled, not complaining it’s a lovely town but trying to get a disabled parking space anywhere is just impossible.

Here’s the link to the article that gives guidance to landlords of premises that seems to question that there needs to be reasonable adjustments in terms of visitors to the business.

I’m being told by my club’s committee member’s that the person who leases the main facilities doesn’t need to do anything under the law.

I find that odd and quite backward thinking.

Our local Supermarket (It begins with a W) has taken the precedent of putting Mother and Child spaces closer than Disabled spaces. What a sad world we live in.

I assume the supermarket beginning with “W” has more income from families than disabled people. Shame on them!

My lawyer friend has explained that reasonable accommodation is assessed on a case by case basis, dependent on time and cost. She reckons the cost to delineate parking spaces for entire lot and police the disabled spots would be deemed unreasonable and ultimately would be for a court to decide!

Stephen, I suppose you could always take your dear mum along for a mother and child spot!

How many times I considered that Rosemary, although some car parks do now put an age limit on the child.

At the end of the day, if the people in charge of the car park aren’t going to monitor, let alone supervise I suppose its just a free for all.

It’s going to depend on everybody’s different situation, but I don’t have a problem with that - as long as I have enough space to get my wife’s wheelchair out of the back (without getting run over myself) and also have enough space to hoist her into the wheel chair, the distance from the shop door is immaterial.

As you say Ayjay, everybody has different scenarios. I don’t even own a blue badge although I think I can safely say I 100% qualify.

My Dad had a blue badge meaning I could park in a disabled bay, but instead I always dropped him outside wherever we were going and re-parked in a normal bay as I was fit and healthy at the time. I think others wouldn’t do the same.

I can’t walk any distance so its probably time I applied for said blue badge, even with a blue badge I wouldn’t be able to go to the supermarket I mentioned due to the distance I would have to walk.

I’m not lazy, Ankylosing Spondylitis has totally ruined my right leg to the point it can no longer bear my weight. I just constantly pray my left leg stays strong so I can hobble along…