Device to show where husband is?

Hi all,

I’m just coming to terms and grips with my Mum’s vascular dementia. We’re in the process of getting carers to come in, but my Dad is currently her only carer. He’s going to be starting kidney dialysis soon and we need to have some reminder in the house that says where my Dad is, what time he’ll be home and what carers will be coming in. I thought about just getting my Dad to write a note, but I’m not sure he’ll remember to do that and it won’t be very readable for my Mum.

I’d like to get something set up on her tablet or on a new device, where the screen stays on all the time and displays the information I’ve listed above and that me and my Dad can fill in on a website or something like that.

I’ve seen a couple of memory aid clocks advertised, but they only seem to do reminders, not display information for several hours.

Thanks in advance for any ideas :slight_smile:

Mmm, a difficult one, Jo. I wonder if sticky notes on the desktop would work

Alternatively, the non-technie version which I used to use with my mum is the wipe off board. I used this to remind mum what time I was due:

Personally, I would not spend too much money as anything which works now will not work in a week or month’s time sadly.

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I know exactly what you need! - I was going to post in the tips and practical advice section about this as I’ve found a brilliant app.

Dementia Digital Diary:

I’ts a free app, for Android and Ipad and syncs to an online calendar. I set up a free Gmail account for my dad and used Google calendar. This means you can set up repeats etc. in Google Calendar, and update it live remotely. I stick in my dad’s care visits and when I’m visiting. If I’m running late I can just update it through the Google account. There’s also a function that means an all day event will appear as a banner on the screen, so if there is an important even you can keep it on screen all day.

You just keep the tablet plugged in and the screen remains on. It’s not as ‘dynamic’ as something like the Memrabel(sp?) clock with the pictures and sound, but it’s incredibly easy to update My dad’s been using it for a few weeks now and it works really well.

Oooo thanks Janey_S, that sounds really interesting, I’ll have a look :slight_smile: x

Hello Jo_190912

I have bought a Yepzon One tracker which I have hidden in my mum’s handbag (small pocket) which works well. It can be tracked using a mobile phone app that can be downloaded for free. The device needs charging about every two weeks or so, depending on how many times she goes out. The service costs about £20 per year to subscribe but is worth it for the peace of mind.

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