GPS tracker recommendations

Hi everyone

I have decided to get a gps tracker for my dad. He had a stroke 2 years ago and his memory isn’t good. He keeps thinking he needs to go to the bank or the shops. He has carers who go in 3 times a day and normally my mum would be at home with him to stop him going out. But mum is in hospital and the carers have arrived a few times finding him on his way out somewhere and had to remind him he doesn’t need to go out.

Dad already wears a lifeline pendant round his neck, so my thoughts are either to add a tracker to the cord, or to attach a tracker to his walking stick. I have found 2 reasonably priced trackers TS10 Care Tracker For Dementia | Trackershop UK

I don’t want to spend a fortune as it’s only good if dad has it on him and it is fully charged. Dad has managed to lose his lifeline in the past so it’s possible that if the tracker is with the lifeline he could lose both (obviously the tracker would help locate them but only as long as it’s charged and got a good signal and in the house mobile signals are poor).

I just wondered what other people use and what their experiences are?

I live 200 miles away from my parents so this would just give me peace of mind and a way to keep track of dad in between carer visits. If he did appear to be wandering this tracker allows me to speak to him and either persuade him to go home himself, or I could ask a friend to go and pick him up and let him know.

Any thoughts?


My son has an “Oysta” provided by Social Services.

Wow, social services told me to get one, no mention that they could provide one.