Desperate carer

I’m a carer for my brother who has severe lung disease he’s on oxygen and just came out if hospital after suffering with respiratory failure
He’s virtually bed bound they have changed all his Meds and now the hospital has sent him home with a nebuliser I tried getting the chambers for it but apparently I have to buy them which I do not begrudge but I gave up work to care for him and the only benefit he gets is ESA I don’t get carers allowance as it says if he is claiming that then I can’t claim it.
I’ve been caring for him for several years and didn’t realise that he could possibly claim pip so I have rang them this week and started ball rolling I’m frustrated that nobody tells you this and maybe if he gets this then I might get carers allowance to help with cost the only money coming in the house is from my partner’s wage.
Also I’m so frustrated that my brother had an appointment at the doctors (which is very difficult for him to manage to get there) at the start of October and he asked if he could have the flu jab as he has it every year the doctor said not my job make another appointment with the nurse that didn’t happen as he hasn’t been well enough for another appointment it would have taken doctor seconds to do.
So any advice for a frustrated carer would be gratefully received thank you for listening x

Welcome to the forum,

It’s a real shame that no one has helped either of you claim the benefits which you are entitled to. If you could give us a bit more information, it would help us give the best advice.

Can I ask what support the hospital arranged for your brother before he was discharged?
Did you know he was entitled to 6 weeks of FREE Reablement Care?
Do you now live with your brother, or do you have your own home?
Does he own, or rent, his home?
Has he arranged a Power of Attorney in your favour?

He sounds very poorly indeed.
It might be worth you looking up NHS Continuing Healthcare, free care for very ill people provided by the NHS. He should also be getting help from Social Services, so ask them to do a Needs Assessment for him and a Carers Assessment for you.

We had no support before his discharge we have had no support from anyone
My brother lives with us
I can’t get a carers assessment because I don’t claim carers allowance due to the fact my brother gets ESA only.
He can’t Cook for himself as he’s on oxygen and if he comes off it for a short time he just can’t breathe
I didn’t realise there was help out there for carers of family members .
He can’t bath or take shower without oxygen
It’s tough because it’s like I have no voice because I’m not recognised as his carer because I don’t get carers allowance but it’s ok for me to look after him.
I’m just on my journey to make claims for him but it’s knowing which way to turn.

Hi Mandy,

In that case, complain to the hospital, as they broke the rules they are supposed to follow, and ask Social Services to do an Urgent Needs Assessment. It is the hospital’s job usually to get SS to do this before discharge.
Does your brother have any aids or adaptations to make caring for him easier? Hospital bed etc.?

If your brother has a very limited life expectancy, are you happy for him to continue living with you, or is it time for him to have 24/7 care in a nursing home? Again, this should all have been discussed by the hospital before discharge.

You have mixed up the Carers Allowance from DWP with a Carers Assessment from Social Services. Don’t worry, lots of people get them confused.

SS should come and visit, talk to you, and see what support you need to help you care for your brother.