Deputyship and Appointeeship questions


My dad was placed in a care home early this year as he has alzheimer’s and he’s in the mid to late stages. I should add that he doesn’t accept it. We’re filling out the deputyship forms which is painstaking. I have a few questions if that’s alright:

  1. My mum has an appointeeship regarding my dad’s pension. The council told us to get that from the dwp. Dwp said they could transfer the amount to a nominated account so now it goes to my mum’s account. My dad used to get 700ish from the dwp but now my mum gets 600 from them for him so not sure what happened there. She might need to call them. This is the only money he has. Is there then any need for a deputyship? I would be concerned if someone else applied to be a deputy but it’s such a headache we would rather not do it.

  2. Does my mum need anything legal to say she is now an appointee?

  3. Is there an official way of stating that my father lacks capacity or is the COP and deputyship the only way?

  4. Can the money she gets now also be used for utility bills and house insurance? They co-own the home she and I live in but my dad is in a care home.

  5. He also had over a grand of debts which I paid for. Can I be paid back for that? How is that done officially?

  6. With an appointeeship does my mum need to keep receipts for every expenditure as with a deputyship? Btw we are aware that the money is to be used for his welfare 1st and foremost. Just want to be aware of how detailed everything needs to be for an appointeeship.

  7. Who needs to be informed on the COP1 form section 5 if we do apply for a joint deputyship? We don’t know his family as he has always hidden things from us. He does not believe he has dementia so getting an LPA would be impossible. Presumably we need to tell him we are applying for a deputyship? What about the care home? What if there is nobody to inform? Are we okay to leave that bit blank?

Just to note we still haven’t received forms from the council for a financial assessment so I have no idea how that affects everything.

Thanks so much. So confused.


One step at a time.
Have you told DWP that he has moved into residential care? This is VERY important, do it asap!
Do they own or rent the house? Claim Housing Benefit?
Was mum aware that dad was exempt from Council Tax from the date of diagnosis?

Have you told DWP that he has moved into residential care? This is VERY important, do it asap!
Yes of course. My mum wouldn’t have received the funds otherwise…

He co-own the house with mother (I wrote that in my post).

No benefits.

Was mum aware that dad was exempt from Council Tax from the date of diagnosis
Not sure what that means. I’ve paid off one month’s council tax. It’s in both of their names. Nothing comes out of his money. I’m paying for it.

One step at a time.

Yeh it would just be best to have my questions answered please as they’re about very specific things I need answering asap as we apply for deputyship. Thanks for your concern but I’m good otherwise.

Everything is related and intertwined, and I’m trying to help unravel things bit by bit, until you can talk to the CUK helpline.
For chapter and verse on the rules, look at the 2014 Care Act a guidance. Alternatively Google "Charging for Residential Care.
I have been appointee for various relatives.
If dad has limited means then appointee ship may be sufficient, there may be no need for deputy ship.
Does mum have dad’s benefits paid into a dedicated account in her name, for his money only?
If dad is now in residential care, and IF Social Services fund some of his care (usually if their joint savings are under £46,000) then the council will want all his pension less £25 roughly, for personal expenses.
From the day of diagnosis, dad was completely exempt from Council Tax.
Depending on your status, you may be able to get a refund.
It is not a good idea for you to use your own money to pay things like Council Tax.
Has mum told the Council Tax Office that he has moved into residential care?
As dad has dementia, he cannot give anyone Power of Attorney. That door has now closed I’m afraid.
The fact that DWP have mum’s name on correspondence for dad shows she is Appointee.
In Hampshire, a Visiting Officer from the Financial Assessment Unit will visit and ask for copies of bank statements etc.
Please bear in mind that forum members can only comment from their own experiences.
The helpline gives definitive advice on a confidential basis.

I have to pay council tax. Who else is going to pay it? One of my questions (!) was about if his dwp money can be used for bills. No dedicated bank it goes into her account. Nobody has informed the council regarding his status. No joint savings. He has only 5k savings in his bank. We know my mum is an appointee. We know we can’t get power of attorney. Had/Have no intention of calling CUK.

This is very draining for me. I would just like my specific questions answered as we are going over things I already know. The things I don’t know are in my questions. Are you a man by any chance? If you are unable to answer generic questions which are not confidential please just say. I appreciate that you believe you are being helpful.


We (the members of this forum) are only Carers like yourself and your Mum - we are not experts on the benefits system and can only advise from our own experience. However the Carers UK Adviceline team are experts and should be able to answer your questions which is why Bowlingbun suggested you contact them.

You can email us at > > and we will respond to your enquiries within 10 working days, although it can often be sooner.

Our telephone helpline providing information is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm - 0808 808 7777

Thank you, susie.

I am the mother of two sons, one brain damaged at birth.
50 years experience of benefits advice in various roles.
Your post raised a whole host of issues.
The situation is much more involved than you realise.
Your parents were probably entitled to a number of things that they missed out because no one knew what to claim.
When one of a couple moves into residential care requiring state funding, a large number of changes need to be made.
I appreciate it’s stressful, I supported all four of our elderly parents in their final years, through some dreadful situations, when I too was newly disabled.
I help others on the forum to help them avoid some of the pitfalls that I found.
There’s a very simple way of finding out about whether you need Deputyship, ring the Office of the Public Guardian.
Mum is already Appointee, that doesn’t need to change.
However, dad’s money should be held in a separate account.

I unfortunately had to go down the court of protection route. It can be very complicated, sadly in my case was needed. My husband had capacity one week, the next it had gone. If funds are low with your father, then costs are less.
I second Bowlingbuns advice, speak to the office of public guardian, who should advise you on the ins and outs. If it’s needed, once up and running, it’s something you get used to. Any doubts, always phone them.
I understand it’s a very distressing time for you and the mind whirls.

Thanks all. I appreciate the support.