Hello, posted on here a few times and since my last post things have progressed to the stage where I need to start thinking about a Deputyship.

Mum is in hospital awaiting an interim placement and from there it seems that, unless a miracle happens, Mum will more than likely have to stay in a care home. There is no POA. Mum is self funding, owns her own home however, it my only place of residence.

In people’s experience, is it preferable for me to apply for a Deputyship or appoint a Solicitor to be a Deputy? Aware of the time crunch as know this can take a long time to go through although there is an option for an emergency application.

The one thing I do not have is the COP03 as hoping the hospital may be able to carry out he assessment (I have asked) otherwise I am worried I will lose more time waiting for Social Services to carry this out once Mum has her placement. I have also been advised that a medical professional would be better to do the assessment.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Sadly I had to do down the court of protection route for my late husband.
I would advice you contact the office of public guardianship and talk through the needs of your Mother and indeed yourself.
A doctor will do the assessment on your Mother if she has lost capacity. Sadly it’s all costly so have pen and paper ready to take notes.
I cannot advise anymore without looking at details now as I understand things have changed considerably.
My thoughts are with you.

Trying to request the doctor at the hospital to carry out the COP3 but they seem reluctant so guess I am going to have to wait until Mum is moved to a placement and hopefully it will done there as cannot move forward without this.

I think I need to ask for a Continuing Healthcare Assessment too. Again assuming this is done at the placement. Think Mum has nursing needs as well as care needs to does this CHA cover that as that means some of the costs are covered after the placement for her care?

It’s so confusing…

I would strongly recommend using a solicitor in your situation, to make sure your own situation is protected, as well as mum’s wellbeing.

Mum and I both used the same solicitor, in fact I used them when we bought our first house when I was just 19, as I’d been to school with the son and daughter of one of the partners. Later, mum and dad, and then my brother, all used them.

It will take a lot of pressure off you and ensure that everything is done properly as quickly as possible.
If mum qualifies for Continuing Healthcare ALL her care fees will be paid for.

In the meantime, you can apply to DWP to become mum’s “appointee” and manage her benefits, which will give you money to pay for bills etc. for the home.

Definately getting a solicitor for the deputyship part of things. Am undecided whether I need to get a specialist firm invollved re the Continuing Healthcare aspect to ensure it is carried out and I am not fobbed off. From what I can tell, I have a good case for full funding even though Mum is above the threshold but am worried that the NHS will do anything to get out of funding

You don’t need a solicitor for the start of the Continuing Healthcare process.