So I’m trying to apply for deputyship but really struggling to get this park of for Cop1a filled in
It is asking for:
Does the person to whom the application relates have any money held in
bank or building society accounts (or similar)?
(You must include any money held at the Court Funds Office)
And then there is a table to fill in with which bank, account number, type of account and name on the account and then what I can’t do is give the balance?
How do I know how much person has got on account? How did you fill that any?
Anyone any ideas?
Please help

Who are you applying for deputyship for? Is the person giving her consent, or lacking mental capacity to give that consent?

Person lacks capacity

In that case, it’s really a very silly question, because the whole point of applying for deputyship is so that you CAN have access to accounts etc!

So do I leave this part blank on Cop1a?

Write something in, like “Unknown. Access denied until deputyship granted”.

I would phone the office of guardianship and seek advice. I have COP for my husband. Am sure I didn’t have to say on the form when applying.

Thank you for your answers.
All those forms are quite difficult for me

So I just fill them out as much as I can and hopefully it will be granted

I really would contact the office of guardianship, because fees have to be paid, out of the person who lacks capacities monies.
Its a costly situation and intrusive sadly. I found a solicitor on line who was helpful. Or, did you know you can go to a solicitor and have half an hours free consultation? Don’t wish to worry you but best to get the forms filled in correctly on the 1st application.

Why do you say it is intrusive?

Because they have to ask such a lot. Every year I have to send a report to the office on everything I have spent out of Hubby’s account, any decisions I have made for him, the reason I may have spent extra out of the norrn for a gift. For example, I was allowed to buy my middle grandson his football kit for making it into junior blues, as hubby would have done that, had to explain why I feel he would have. The following year, I phoned them to say my our younger grandson had achieved similar, could I do the same, and it wasn’t allowed! Have to be so careful. I can only do what hubby would have done before he lost capacity.
Have you read the guidelines? Its important to understand what you are taking responsibility for. To me it feels intrusive to explain every penny that’s being spent, explain any decision I have made. Explain why I have do not resuscitate re Hubby’s health.
We have been married for over 50years and the way we worked our finances suited us, we trusted each other. So far the guardianship have been happy with my reports. If in doubt I contact them. Also, I have to pay them for checking, have to pay a deputy bond each year.
You can download information on how to became a guardian. I still recommended you seek advice from a specialist solicitor. I am glad I did.
Please don’t be over alarmed by my post, because once you know the ins and outs its OK. I haven’t any choice,apart from handing over to my daughters who are named on the certificate anyway.

Hello Kate

Do you mean Deputyship for benefits being paid to the person you care for or are you referring to Deputyship for Power of Attorney (which is what Pet66 is referring to and which is quite different).

As to completing forms I would suggest you contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau who should be able to help you fill them in correctly.

Deputyship for property and finances affairs. That’s my only option. The person still receives full pay from work. But is in hospital

Its not power of attorney as hubby lost capacity to allow or understand that. Its Court of Protection guardianship…
I understand that’s the route Kate is taking,as she stated her caree has no capacity?
If it isn’t court of protection then my mistake and I apologise

Yes Pet I know the difference between PoA and the CoP guardianship - but not a lot of people know about the CoP route so thought it easier to use the more common “PoA” term especially as I wasn’t sure if Kate was looking to be Deputy for her Caree’s benefits.