Ring the CEO’s office tomorrow and complain about the latest proposed Unsafe Discharge. This worked for me a number of times. Do you think dad now needs residential care?

In addition to advice given and just quickly as am off to bed. Has he got a commode or urine bottle to use if he needs a wee whilst on his own? OT can provide this. Also, the rehab team should include physios and the should be able to give him physio at home.


The pharmacy can prepack dad’s tablets, I think it’s called a dosset box? Then dad wouldn’t have to worry at all. It needs to be written down for him too. No good explaining to him verbally, if he’s anything like me it goes in one ear and out the other immediately when I’m stressed! Are the local hospice aware of him?

This will be part of the problem. He will tell the discharge team anything to achieve that.

At last they are taking his problems seriously.
However, that still leaves the problems of the nurse who seems to be confusing everything! Maybe talk to PALS at the hospital?

Definitely time to ring the CEO’s office (someone is always on duty in charge of a hospital) and ask politely what the hell is going on???
Be sure to use the words UNSAFE DISCHARGE.

Make sure you make notes of the date, time, name of the conversation and a summary of what was agreed each time.

Sounds almost exactly like what I experienced with my Dad - my tactic was to call everyone and their dog with the same concerns and issues until someone listened to me. I would call all of these people with the same script …

  • Adult social care
  • Hospital adult social care (there should be a social care department within the hospital)
  • Health case manager - if you don’t know who this is, ask the doctor or nurse you’ve dealt with to give you a name and a number for your Dads health case manager
  • Macmillan (if applicable)
  • Your Dads GP
  • Community health team (district nurses)
  • Physio team in the hospital (again … ask the hospital for a direct number)

Try all of them… my usual opening line was “you may not be able to help me but I’m just so desperate that I’m calling everyone I can think of in the hope that someone will help”. Eventually the dots do connect but it’s long, exhausting and frustrating. So sorry you’re going through this xx