Dad passed away !

My brave dad finally passed away Sunday evening. I am absolutely heartbroken, can’t stop crying the pain is unbearable !!

Thankfully he was at home with me.

I live alone (sister not far away and will probably want to celebrate xmas) not sure she understands my grief as she was not as close and am dreading it.

I know there are so many others like me in pain and grieving. God bless us all.

L xxx

(((HUGS))) Louvaine, let the tears fall tonight better out than in.
Dad was lucky to be at home with a loving daughter caring to him, not in a hospital or care home.
If there is anything we can help you with,just ask.

Sending you hugs (((Louvaine))).

Take heart that your Dad died at home, with you and he is now at rest.

You cared for him to the end.

In time, happier memories will come to the fore.

Crying is better than holding in your grief.

Don’t worry about Christmas just now, focus on getting through each day.


After I was widowed I decided never to turn down any invitation to a social event, but told my hostess that I would probably just sit quietly in a corner. Not to worry if I slid away if I needed to. This worked well. You and your sister will grieve differently, but you are both dad’s daughters. Remembering dad together will help. Don’t push her away because you are hurting.

Sending you love and kind thoughts Xx

Hi Louvaine, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. My dad died 2 years ago and I felt heartbroken too. I absolutely adored him and we were very close.
I promise you it does get easier over time. I think of my lovely dad every day and I am thankful that he was there for me for 56 years. I have lots of fond and happy memories of him.
I think the fact that you live alone (and the ongoing social distancing rules) are compounding your grief.
I too live alone and I know how lonely it can be. Again this is another huge change we have to adhere to.
I hope there are friends you can talk to as well as your sister.
Before the Coronavirus I used to attend a local Bereavement group which was a great help.
You can phone a helpline called Cruse on 08088081677
I am here for you if you want someone to talk to who understands.
Take care,
Karen D