Dad and me

Hi my name is Jenny and I’m 62 years old, I moved into my dads house 5yrs ago and gave up nursing to look after him, my dad is my world as mum past years now and I still miss her so much, Dad is 89 and has copd and the onset of dementia, I will always be by his side as he needs me, I have 3 beautiful daughters and a son and 5 grandchildren who help me so much so why do I feel so alone?

Hi Jenny, welcome to the forum.

Lots of carers feel lonely I’m afraid, me included. It’s difficult to make any regular commitments to clubs, societies, etc. Every time I tried to join anything my caring role interfered!

I think you should say “I want to look after dad as long as possible” so that if he does need 24/7 care, it will be easier.

Has dad had a Needs Assessment, and you, a Carers Assessment from Social Services.
Is dad claiming exemption from Council Tax (on the grounds of severe mental impairment?
Claiming Attendance Allowance?

The MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF ALL is “Does dad own his home?” or is it owned by a Council or Housing Association?