Home Vaccination

I am caring for my 94 year old mother who is housebound. Whilst she has been offered the vaccine it was at one of the vaccination centres local to us, but it was not practical for me to get her there or in her best interest as she is easily confused and gets anxious.

I have not heard anything on the news regarding home vaccination and wonder if any member knows anything. Our local MP announced via facebook that home vaccinations would commence this week, but when I enquired the doctors had heard nothing.


Hi Jane,

has your Mum had the vaccine yet?

My Mum had it at home today.


Good to hear that home vaccinations have started. As yet we have heard nothing other than being offered an appointment at one of the vaccination centres. Fingers crossed the doctor will be in touch shortly. Out of interest where are you based we are in Bury Lancashire?

I will PM you.