COVID and Flu Boosters for the housebound

Hi Everyone

I have just joined the the Carer’s Group and Forum. I am looking after my 95 year old father who now lives with myself and my husband since having a seizure in May. He is severely sight impaired and very unsteady on his feet and has had some falls. I do most of his personal care. We can no longer get him in and out of a car. I called the GP to enquire what was happening about the housebound but was told they did not know. When we had our recent Covid booster we were told that as he is housebound we needed to contact the GP to arrange vaccination at home. Despite a further phone call they still tell us they do not know who will do the vaccination for Covid or Flu, let alone when.

Has anybody else encountered similar problems or successfully had a housebound person vaccinated?

I’d say give them a chance to find out because they probably genuinely don’t know and double check he is on the list as home visits/housebound.

My husband who is housebound had his Covid and Flu vaccination yesterday. Ask the GP to put a note on their file to say they are housebound and keep pressing and being a nuisance.