Covid 19

I have been waking up at night feeling very hot, with a headache and sore throat. But in the morning I feel fine. Could this be a symptom of the virus. I care for someone who is high risk, so dont know whether to withdraw, or not.

You need to contact the doctors and get tested, if you have it you will have to isolate yourself and arrange other care.

Seems like you ought to be tested.

A sore throat was never listed as a symptom.

I had a sore throat back in early April for a couple of days, it soon changed to a cough, (productive, not dry) which lasted for the best part of three weeks. I’ve since tested negative. My temperature was never raised above normal.

Do you have a thermometer to take your temperature? If that is normal I would say you are OK, but would agree that you should definitely get yourself tested.