Covid 19 hospital discharges

I’ve just read the new government guidance on discharges, that says “you will not have a choice” referring to the patient.
After many pages I found the word “carer” once! No suggestion that any carer had any real input into anything though!!

The writers of the document seem to think that there are vast untapped resources of nurses and carers in the community, when nothing could be further than the truth. Even without covid, patients had to stay in hospital because there weren’t enough support staff in the community. With the schools closed, parents have to put their own children’s needs first. Nurses and carers may also have their own health issues.

I have written to Michael, from Carers UK, pointing out that the information on the Main Board is now obsolete, unless I’ve missed something, and asked that it is updated asap.

So much for those “Carers Charter” posters pinned up at entrances to wards at my local hospital! Not that they were ever followed in my mother’s case three years ago. They were for decorative, feel good purposes back then!

Whilst we are applauding from our windows, our rights are being ripped away. And we are supposed to be accepting, even grateful? It’s all very concerning to me., and I’m a former carer!

(Once a carer, always a carer…)