Severe Mental Impairment Form for Council Tax exemption

I managed to get an exemption on my Council Tax after finding out and filling in a SMI (Severe Mental Impairment) form. Local Councils keep it well hidden,only coz I was appealing benefits and asked the Welfare Rights Adviser helping me that he gave me a form.

Yep … one has to trawl to find out most information nowadays.

My thoughts are with the millions WITHOUT access to the Internet … how do they find out ?

Locally , a MAJOR problem … as work with my local food bank has revealed.

Make sure they backdate it to the date of diagnosis.

Make sure that they backdate it to the day of the diagnosis. I’m sorry I cannot be of more help.

Some general info here



By law, someone who has been medically certified as having a permanent condition that affects their intelligence and social functioning (eg, Alzheimer’s or severe learning difficulties, but many other conditions may apply) is ‘disregarded for council tax purposes’ in England, Scotland and Wales.

It means you can claim :

A 25% discount – if you live with someone with a severe mental impairment and no other adults, or only adults who have also been disregarded for council tax purposes.

A 100% discount – if you have a severe mental impairment and live alone.